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Dodgers and Yankees Could Enter Bidding War for Corey Seager in Free Agency

At this point, it’s not quite earth-shattering news, but as predicted, the Yankees will join the Dodgers as a team expected to most fiercely pursue free agent shortstop Corey Seager. On Tuesday, MLB insider (and puppet for MLB super agent Scott Boras) Jon Heyman tweeted out what we all knew. Now it’s just in writing in a singular tweet.

As for Heyman’s “Holy Grail” line, that’s just insider-speak for Seager is going to get a lot of money. Evaluators have predicted a contract worth as little as $210 million to as high as $305 million for the services of the 2020 NLCS and World Series MVP. Seager offers the best bat-to-ball skills on the free agent market this winter and he does so while also playing fine-to-below-average defense at shortstop, which is even harder to find.

For as much as I’ve spoken ill of Heyman here — and I do so purely in jest — he is an insider in the know. Particularly with Boras clients. Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to find another media personality more in-tune with what any Scott Boras client’s market is looking like. And with that, we cement what we all already assumed…

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Corey Seager will re-sign with the Dodgers or with the team he grew up rooting for, the New York Yankees. And it will be for a lot of money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million annually.

So buckle in for what could become the rare bidding war between baseball’s two biggest spenders.

Dodgers & Yankees Battling to Sign Corey Seager, Seager Could Sign Big Deal Soon – GIVEAWAY!! –

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  1. We could do soo much more with all that money! Especially since we have Trea and need pitching, third base support, a solid second baseman and a revamped bench. Heyman might know Boras, but does he know Friedman? Let the guy walk!

    1. Agree. As much as I would like to see Seager at 3B, Kris Bryant will be half the price, or less. Put that money into Sherzer. Kershaw too.

    2. Save the bidding war for Scherzer and Taylor; sign Kelly, Knebel and Kershaw. Trade for Chapman.

  2. It’s hard to imagine the Dodgers dueling the Yankees dollar for dollar for Seager even though they would probably like to have him back. The Yankees need a shortstop – particularly a left handed hitting one – right now. The Dodgers do not, at least not enough to pay Seager 250M+

    1. I agree with both of you here in regards to Seager. He wants too much $$and Noras is behind all that. And we DO NEED that $$$ for starting pitching and BENCH help especially and of course CT3 is more of a priority than Seager at this point. Dodgers can essentially replace Seager but they CANNOT replace Taylor.

  3. He’s injury prone. He’s only played in 60% of all the games available to him during his career. Now perhaps all that’s behind him. The free agent market is always a crap shoot no matter who the player is. More often than not, a high dollar free agent has blown up in the Dodgers’ face throughout the years.

      1. Just make sure to bid up the price on Seager so the Yankees pay a huge premium…

  4. Bye Bye Corey, Had a career year in 2020 in a 60 game season. Is an elite player but is an injury prone luxury item for the Dodgers. Baseball is like real estate where everything is location, location, location. Baseball is pitching, pitching, pitching. Sign CT3, send Lux and prospects for Luis Castillo, strengthen the bench which was horrible last year put Segar’s 300 million money towards Mad Max. and Kershaw!!!!!

  5. They should let Boras know in no uncertain terms that they will not be making ANY offers for Seager until they have Max Scherzer locked up. So if Boras wants to use the Dodgers as leverage to get more money from the Yankees (which is exactly what he’s hoping to do), he will get Max signed ASAP.

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