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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks Possible Life After Corey Seager, Future at Shortstop

For the Dodgers, there will be several tough decisions to be made this offseason. The team has 12 free agents out on the open market, including five of the top-40 free agents as listed by multiple outlets. 

Almost certainly the biggest name out of those 12 is shortstop Corey Seager. Much has already been written about Seager’s future this offseason. Where could he end up? Which teams will actually be in play? Will he remain at shortstop or will a team sign him with the ask that he move to third base?

That was a point of topic this past week at the annual GM meetings. Corey’s agent, Scott Boras, addressed the potential position change talk concisely.

“I think teams view Corey Seager as a big-play shortstop in big games. Teams are coming after Corey Seager as a shortstop.”

For the Dodgers, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman mostly echoed that same sentiment. Bill Plunkett of the OC Register was among those to report. 

“I imagine that he does (see himself as a shortstop) and would (want to continue there). He’s worked really hard at it. I think he identifies himself as a shortstop. My guess is that’s his mindset.”

Beyond that, Friedman also opened the door to a world without Corey Seager in LA. Something he started setting up at the trade deadline last season.

“Obviously we have Trea (Turner), who is deserving of playing shortstop, is a really good major-league shortstop. Corey is a really good major-league shortstop. There’s just a lot to work through there. Fortunately, we have the benefit of time.

Perhaps not as much time as Andrew would like. A report surfaced on Thursday that Seager is more likely to look at signing a new deal before the upcoming ugliness of the collective bargaining agreement ensues after December 1st. But that, as most reports should be at this time of the year, should be taken with a grain of salt.

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  1. I think we can read between the lines in this article. Friedman remarked Trea Turner is deserving of time playing shortstop. Hmmm. To me that speaks volumes. He is prepared to move on. With Gavin having a really solid last 6 weeks at the plate; and already with a high upside with the glove; the decision is probably already made.

        1. Now we just need someone to play 3rd!!! The most important signing after Taylor would be Going after Chris Bryant….What he could add would match losing a big name starter. I say sign Bryant, have JT move to 1st, Muncy to 2nd, Trea to short and Lux as Utility playing like Taylor does….The Bryant move makes actually more sense than resigning Ct3 ……..

          1. Kirk, I’m all for signing Bryant but he is also a Scott Boras client. I still say CT3 IS a priority however. Oh, and BTW, it appears I’m being attacked somewhat by that Bayside poster on the Correa page here. IDK why but he’s questioning my age and or if I’ve been a fan since 1965. In any event, not sure what I posted to warrant this other than simply informing Beth that Drrrrr began managing Dodgers in 2016.

          2. I’ve been saying that we need a 3B for several weeks now…. Best that we look there in addition to signing Taylor. Bryant would be a real good fit but again he is a Boras client so ??? Perhaps we end up with Chapman.

        2. Paul is on point…seager and Turner gone…Turner it was …mentioned in USA today…wants to remain in the east…Friedman messed around with Seager…so he is gone probably…a damn good player

          1. Messed around with Seager? We offered him an extension well before the trade that brought Trea here.

        3. The Dodgers have two prospects with elite bat to ball skills: Michael Busch a 2B and Miguel Vargas at 3B. Neither is particularly good defensively but both really hit. Yeah they’re prospects but so was Seager and Bellinger. The team needs an effusion of young talent and these guys could be it. They’re both expected to see some big league action in 2022; let’s see what they do before signing more Boras FAs.

        4. Trea will sign a long term deal with us. Why else do you think that we traded for him?

  2. If I was Friedmanin his shoes this is my perspective to make Dodger blue fan and myself happy too. Sign Corey Seager and play him at third base. And, have Turner play shortstop and Lux at 2nd. I believe the old Turner at 3rd base I call him Irish Spring and Old Spice at good compliment LOL should play time to time to rest Seager or vice versa with Turner. I believe Seager and his big height and physique endurance is right position at 3rd base. i know Seager trained hard at shortstop but his first role growing up at training was 3rd base. Again, this way resting this 2 at 3rd base gives them revitailation when playoof begins rather wear and tear you see Seager has gone through injuries because heavy load and Old Turner is not getting younger every year.

    1. A DH solves this issue and for once MLB needs to play by the same rules. This current set up is a complete farce. No other major sport plays by different rules for each league, conference, division or otherwise. I’m talking about the NFL, NBA, NHL. As I said before, either BOTH leagues have the DH or neither the AL or NL should have it.

      1. Bring on the DH for sure…solves several of our problems. While we’re at it, let’s get an electronic strike zone indictor as well! Having a different strike zone with every umpire is BS and the pitchers often get squeezed in post-season as well. Those old fat boys in blue need to park their egos.

  3. Paul is on point…seager and Turner gone…Turner it was …mentioned in USA today…wants to remain in the east…Friedman messed around with Seager…so he is gone probably…a damn good player

  4. Paul is correct…should have signed Seager last year…both him and Turner probably gone

    1. Yep Paul, D4 disappears and Bayside appears. D4 had 76,000,000,000 posts always talking about the old players blah blah, and now Bayside…..He deflects and is trying to convince anyone that will listen that your his Old Moniker. Anyways, some folks are nutty…..Hopefully Ct3 stays but I think he’s going to bail bro. Drrrrrrrrrr ruined him by burning him up. Hope I’m wrong but the league knows what the real thing/person is that’s holding back this team. Seager knows also……

      1. Well Kirk, Drrrrr will be back i 2022 if we even have a season and with that so called Manfred who knows. However if Dodgers miss October and it’s determined that Drrrrr had much to do with it, maybe he won’t be extended, if the concern would be that in the process he lost the clubhouse as well. I also get a feeling that not all those guys on the active roster are ‘all in” with Drrrrr either.

  5. Rene…pretty clear Seager not wanting a move to 3rd…Friedman blew it the way he handled it

  6. Friedman, Seager, Trea, Dodger fans, and just about everyone else knew that the Dodgers acquiring TT meant the end of the road for CS. Some team, most likely the Yanks, is going to give Corey 300M+, and with his history of injuries, Friedman was never going to do it. I love Seager, but it’s not worth the risk.

    1. Signing Taylor makes more sense than Bryant who will be more costly and I just don’t think he’s as versatile as Taylor!?I agree, they have to address several other Free agents and seriously need Bench help!!!

  7. Fans should prepare to lose ALL the Dodger free agents, plus Trea after ’22. Losing all these guys doesn’t mean instant mediocrity. Friedman will manage a couple of big trades and signings to compensate. Bryant is a candidate, as are Rosario and several others. As for a trade, Trea, Pollock, and a prospect for an all-star who wants to play in LA?

    1. I pretty much agree Tomblue….The should have been dynasty is over and it’s time to rebound with youth and change. I believe to do so, the org will have to clean out all of the drrrrrrrr (mindset?) or Head scratching ideals. The FO understands they need to fill the stadium so they will Never go with out star power. I commend Friedman going all out this past year. he just didn’t have a competent enough manager to complete the run….

  8. Signing one of the Astro cheaters would be like Friedman signing a suicide pact. Currently, the Dodgers are respected because of people like Kershaw, Turner, Betts, Taylor, etc and are forgiven for the excessive salary level.
    Just the rumor that the Dodgers would sign a cheater will discourage real ballplayers from signing here. That would include Kershaw, Scherzer, Taylor, Jansen or Seager.
    Friedman would be on thin ice too!

  9. William’s comment is 100% accurate, except that Freidman would not be fired – unfortunately.

  10. I’m going to go out on a limb, perhaps, and predict that Jansen re-signs. Why would he give up a sweet gig under the protection of Dave Roberts?

  11. This Correa stuff is just a rumor started by a not so well respected LA Beat writer. The only reason to look at Correa is to compare what it would take to sign him to same for Seager. Trea is our shortstop for 2022 and possibly beyond.
    We’ll be very respectful to CT3 and Kenley. We definitely need Taylor in case Lux doesn’t work out at second. We’ll be signing someone(s) to make up for the power lost in Seager walking. Expect that offensive recovery to happen at 3rd and/or left field. A lot will depend on the DH rule. The next couple of moves will probably be pitchers, most likely starters.
    We’re in that period of nonsense, filler articles written to hold our interest while we wait for real news ((-:

  12. 65yrDodgerFan has it pretty right IMO.
    2022 looks like1B: Max, 2B: Lux/CT3, 3B: Bryant/CT3 and SS: TT….DH: CT. If no DH, I think they’ll stand with JT at 3B for `22 only and CT3 everywhere.
    2023 onward is where it really gets interesting….C’mon kids!

  13. Lux ended the year on a bad note batting wise, although he did do well initially after his return from AAA ball. Additionally, he was a disaster at 3rd base, a hazard in the outfield, just ask CT3 (Lux’s glove in his face) and Belli (injured rib). I also suspect Lux’s arm injury was due to one of his collisions with CT3 and Belli. The pitching machine excuse is laughable. Lux is mediocre as a back-up SS. Trade the cocky son of a gun or leave him as a bench player. CT3 should be the everyday 2nd baseman with Trea at SS, Seager at 3B, and J. Turner as the new DH. Muncy at 1B. Pollack, Betts, and the rejuvenated Belli in the outfield.
    Let Jensen go elsewhere, promote Treinen to closer with Bickford, Vesia, Mariachi Joe, Graterol, Knebel, Bruihl, Nelson, and Gonsilin in the bullpen.
    Walker, Urias, Scherzer, Kershaw, Bauer (I know, I know), and May (mid-season) as the starting pitchers. I have no idea what to do with Heaney.
    All of the above will not happen, but it is a World Series Championship line-up. And oh yes, get rid of Dave Roberts and get a real manager!

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