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Dodgers: Andre Ethier RIPS Into Rob Manfred for His Red Sox Decision

There were very few players on the Dodgers’ 2017 that had more to lose from the Astros’ cheating scandal than Andre Ethier. The now-retired outfielder lost the one shot he had in his career to become a World Series champion, and it was ripped away by a group of cheaters. So if anyone understands the lightness of the Red Sox punishment, it’s Dre. 

Ethier has been making a weekly appearance on am570 with David Vassegh, and this week’s was a doozy. Vassegh asked the former Dodgers’ outfielder his thoughts on Rob Manfred’s punishment handed down to the Red Sox for their part in a cheating scandal, and Ethier had plenty to say.

I don’t even know how you don’t state it’s a lack of control by the manager or the staff or anyone. If they’re going to lay blame to one individual — a video guy — and you’re going to say that the manager or a coach wasn’t aware of any of this going on? I find that hard to believe.

It does seem strange that an entire coaching staff would have no idea something like that was happening, but it appears the league is giving them the benefit of the doubt. Ethier thinks it’s much more than not having enough evidence though.

It’s a typical Rob Manfred story. With what we’re hearing of all the other stuff coming out, I don’t think we’re necessarily hearing all of it. And for a guy like Alex[Cora], who a year before was in Houston, where all the stuff was going on. I mean, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Obviously, he brought the system over and knew about the system.

The biggest take away from Ethier, who last played with the Dodgers in 2017, was that this is something that is always happening. 

It’s just what we’re used to now: brush it under the rug and let everyone forget about it.

It does seem strange that the Red Sox got away with cheating and received very little punishment. Then again, I might be too close to the situation, having watched the Dodgers lose back-to-back World Series to two teams confirmed to have been cheating. 

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  1. I agree with Ethier but I’m not surprised with Boston getting off light since they are part of the eastern MLB establishment. It’s little solace to Astros fans who feel like a parent getting a kid out of juvenile detention. What were they thinking? Risk their good name and legacy for money. All those years of watching crummy teams in the Astrodome and now this. The Dodgers join the Texas Rangers in being owed a WS win by the Gods of Baseball.

    1. What are the rangers owed? They could’ve closed out the cardinals what was it twice in one game? That series was theirs easily. I don’t think you mean the one against the Giants do you?

  2. Sorry but you can’t just sweep this under the rug. ALL MLB fans, thru out the world, will never forget that cheaters DO prosper thanks to Manfred & the MLB. In the meantime, the corona virus aka covid19, has saved the Astros. For now.

  3. Thanks Andre for speaking up. I was astounded, loss for words at the commissioner’s findings. I get that you can only prove what you can prove but to put it all on a video guy. C?mon Rob, stop robbing us of our intelligence and the TRUTH. As a Dodger’s fan, I don’t need a trophy and I am even over the Astros and Red Sox vacating the title, just give us the TRUTH.

  4. This decision is what we can expect now a days, it comes with the times. Pampered and taking no responsibility is what today society is all about. everyone is a winner, everyone gets a trophy.

      1. Exactly. Cheaters and liars are taking over America. The good guys come in last again. The right people have to be elected or chosen/place in these responsible positions. Time to make big changes, all the way around.

  5. If you want to make things right ban both teams from post season playoffs for 2 or 3 years then put a asterisk by there names in the record books. Taking away draft picks really they can go to Mexico or the Dominic or Cuba to get players Manfred is a joke as a commissioner.

  6. Alright, Houston cheated, and was quite evident as the unthinkable comebacks make sense now. Great WS if not the best, but we couldn’t win because of the cheating. Putting that into rest, we lost to the Red Sox…is just that simple. Oh!! that there were faces from 2017, OK. let’s put things on perspective here, The Houston org. cheated and blamed it on two guys that were out of the team when caught. They were no decision makers. We lost in part because of bad decisions on field from our end. You don’t start Yu Darvish on a game 7. Washington beat em and they were cheating. Stop winning please and let’s win. I hope Roberts gets it right.

  7. give me a break, they still lost in the world series without the red sox using the replay room. how? because they had guards in the replay rooms for the entire 2018 postseason. sorry you guys lost fair and square. this guy is a nobody anyways, never heard of him. did he even make an appearance in the world series? just an excuse for a nobody to be relevant. I don’t see other players making statements because they know the blew it and the sox crushed them all

  8. Thanks Dre! For saying it like it is.You’re the only dodger speaking up about cheating Sox that includes Mookie and price,maybe dodger players don’t want to speak up to not make Mookie and price feel bad.What a shame to have cheaters on our team.

    1. its great having them here. Maybe they’ll get us caught up with the times instead of being on the wrong end but hey at least we have integrity which gets you a nice fat loss in October.

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