Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Provides Scouting Report on His Son Charley

If you’re anything like Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, your time spent safer at home has meant a lot more time with your loved ones. As we all look to beat the quarantine and keep ourselves entertained with games and activities, you have to be a little more creative than usual to keep it fun and fresh.

Of course, Kershaw is a little more blessed with space for activities and is taking advantage of the opportunity to spend time with his son Charley in particular. In fact, he’s actually bringing work home with him and taking a deeper look at Charley’s tendencies as a baseball player.


With so much time still spent doing baseball activities, there was little doubt that Clayton would still be scouting the competition.

He’s a low ball hitter — he’s almost like a Vladdy Guerrero right now, he likes the ball on the bounce. … Yeah, for now I’d say low ball hitter — contact guy, not a lot of power yet but there’s room for development.

It’s safe to assume that papa Kersh is loving this time with Charley and the family. And while not everything in the Kershaw household involves baseball, it’s definitely near or at the top of the list.

Most Dodger fans have seen Charley and his big sister Cali at the park with mom and dad. Moreover, Cali was a star last year during the Home Run Derby as she rooted on Joc Pederson in his historic battle against Vladdy Guerrero Jr. 

But Charley is the big-time baseball guy in the Kershaw home — perhaps even more than daddy Clayton. As we can see in the below tweet, Chuck already has some nasty stuff…

Great mashup aside, Clayton did talk about work the two are putting in to develop his son’s game.

We’re kinda working on the soft toss deal, he’s kinda got the tee down, so we’re going to soft toss. I got him an aluminum bat, which is a little bit heavier for him, so just trying to figure out the timing.

Perhaps the Kershaw legacy will continue on the baseball field. If not with Charley, then maybe with his newborn son Cooper who Clayton already has very high hopes for.

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