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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Clarifies Status of Yadier Alvarez

After somewhat unexpectedly showing up to Camelback Ranch last week, the status of right-handed pitcher Yadier Alvarez continues to be up in the air. The Cuban-born hurler’s arrival to camp was unexpected since he missed much of the 2019 season after being placed on the restricted list for attendance issues.

He remains on the restricted list and unable to participate in baseball activities on the field until the club adds him back to the 40-man roster.

Ken Gurnick of reported on what comes next for Alvarez.

It’s unknown as what kind of playing shape he’s in, but it seems that if there’s a 30-day ramp-up, chances are he’s not exactly game ready. Or the club could be buying itself some time to see how the roster shakes out after a handful of spring training games over the next month.

Alvarez added more context to his past issues.

There are currently 62 players in major league camp for the Dodgers, so understandably things are a little crowded.

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Last spring training, the organization worked with Alvarez on reconstructing his mechanics and getting him on a better line towards home plate on his delivery. The flame-thrower possesses a 99-mph fastball but command issues have limited him in his professional career.

Just another small storyline to keep an eye on at Camelback Ranch this year.

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  1. There’s only two things I know about this guy

    (1) 99 mph heat. So far so good.

    (2). The number one requirement for any job is to actually show up for the job. That’s pretty universal. If you want to have and keep a job maybe you should show up for work?

  2. Yeah but if Friedman makes a public statement about the kid, he’s probably of high priority to the trade market or future dealings for this season..

  3. Alvarez has an electric arm that can throw at 99 with movement. He has been an absolute head case and refused to listen to coaches and managers. The Dodgers kept him as he has amazing potential.
    People mature at different rates and sometimes coming from a poor background and and all of a sudden having Millions of dollars messes with peoples minds. They belief all of the hype!
    If he is finally over himself and has decided to be coach able and change his mechanics so his pitches are repeatable and he establishes control he could be a star.
    He could be another potential ace in a year or two. If the bad attitude is finally gone he could be a huge gain for the Farm System. There is always room on the roster for someone of his talent if they have their stuff together. Evaluating him for 30 days should give them a good idea if he is saveable or not. Hopefully he has finally come to the realization that he needs to listen..This could be a huge gain for the Dodgers in the Future!

    1. “Alvarez has an electric arm that can throw at 99 with movement. He has been an absolute head case and refused to listen to coaches and managers. The Dodgers kept him as he has amazing potential.”

      Is he related to Yasiel Puig? Sounds like it!

  4. Agreed. They’ve already invested so much time & $ in him, why not give him one more chance. The potential is there. If it doesn’t work out this time, I’m all for packaging him in a deal to fill a need during the season.

  5. The Dodgers need to look at the past. Learn from the past headcase players and if they do work with him and he gets better then maybe give him a limited try with stipulations in the contract that if and when he starts acting up and screwing up the organization can fine him and or boot him out without pay. The Dodgers should not take any of these guys bull caca and still pay them.

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