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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Gives His Favorite Postseason Highlights

In a year that saw the Dodgers win their first World Series in 32 years, it’s difficult to pick just one favorite moment. The shortened 60-game season offered so much excitement in such a quick amount of time, and the postseason was one to remember. 

Dodgers President of Baseball Operations certainly understands the difficulty of that. When asked by MLB Network what his highlights of the postseason were, Friedman went on to name a few big moments instead of singling one out. 

There were definitely so many moments that really stood out. Obviously Belli’s homerun in Game 7 against the Braves, Belli’s catch against the Padres,  Mookie’s web gem night after night after night, Seager just not missing a barrel every time he came up in the postseason. There were so many things in the postseason that really stand out.  

To pinpoint just 1 highlight through the course of 4 different playoff series is almost impossible. The Dodgers didn’t have just 1 guy show up and get them through to a championship. It seemed like on any given night, anyone could be the hero. 

So for Friedman to not be able to pick out just 1 highlight is entirely understandable. When the history books look back on this playoff run, all of the moments he mentioned will be remembered fondly. As Dodgers fans, I doubt we will ever forget a single moment.  

The Dodgers are your World Series Champions for 2020, and life is so good. 

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  1. The Dodgers didn’t get a lot of individual awards to go along with their world championship. Kershaw didn’t get the Cy. Mookie didn’t get the MVP. Neither May or Gonsolin got the ROY. But Friedman was the most valuable FO guy in baseball. Thanks again for Mookie, Treinen, Graterol, etc. Keep this team together as much as possible.

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