Should The Dodgers Sign Trevor Bauer? An Early Look at 2021 Starting Rotation!

Trevor Bauer is by far the most coveted free-agent pitcher of this offseason. Will the Dodgers pursue the polarizing pitcher in free agency? We discuss the possibility of the Dodgers signing the 2020 National League Cy Young award winner, how he fits with the current rotation, and whether signing Bauer is more of a want than a need.

Plus, an early look at the Dodgers starting rotation in 2021.


Where do you stand on Bauer to LA? He’s one of the better pitchers in the league but he’s not without his baggage for sure. Is the talent enough to add him to an already formidable rotation next season? Let me know your takes in the comments below!


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Doug McKain

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  1. First of all, there’s no such thing as ‘too much pitching’ for any team. However, I don’t see the Dodgers going after Bauer. From the outside it appears Bauer is all about himself. The Dodgers are all about the team.

  2. Bring him onboard for 2021.
    With a rotation of CK, WB, TB, DP and JU it would be awfully hard for any team to beat us in a playoff series.
    Go for the repeat in 2021.

    Go Dodgers!!!!!

    1. David Price quit on us. He’s never even thrown a regular season pitch for us. We don’t know how effective he will be.

      1. Bauer is not “polarizing” unless you call winning polarizing. The only baggage he would bring with him is the Cy he just won. Personally, I love his political incorrectness, especially in the Manfred weasel era. He likes one year contracts. Could Friedman pull off some salary structuring that would allow JT and other FA’s to be re-signed with some deferred money. If it is possible to make it work, even for one year, do it. Possibly trade Price, Kelley, and Wood for prospects to dump salary to make room. I would love to see Bauer in blue, and back to back championships.

      2. Mlb would’ve made Price tank against TB to give his former team their first title. You should thank him for staying home as he knew this would happen

    2. 100% agree. Trevor mowed down Atlanta in the post-season (2-hits, 12 K’s) good guy to have as ATL and San Diego will prob make the post-season again.

      1. Hell ya! He has already stated he wishes to play in LA and has had the Dodgers back in every comment he makes. Get Bauer and destroy the league next year.

  3. Bauer is different to say the least. Dodgers don’t have a glaring need for pitching for sure but I think they have to look at a Cy Young winner who is available without having to give up a boatload of prospects because that doesn’t come along very often. How long and how much are the big questions. Plus there is the draft pick and dollar “fines” for signing someone who has turned down a qualifying offer. Are they willing to pay the penalty for going over the “cap” again? Complicated issue.

  4. Two other thoughts on Bauer. How can we not want someone who is so much against the Astros. LOL On the other hand, his great 2020 season came vs the anemic hitting AL and NL central divisions.

  5. The Dodgers have 20M available under the CBT without considering their own FAs. Is starting pitching where they should use their limited flexibility? Does Bauer put them in a better position to win than re-signing JT?
    Re-sign JT and figure out the bullpen for next year. That’s where they’re at. They’ll be buyers again after 2021 season when they have to deal with Kershaw, Jansen, and Seager coming off the books.

  6. Any pitcher with his skill and willing to sign a one year deal is perfect for the Dodgers

  7. No. One of the reasons they finally won the WS was team chemistry. Would tevor bauer have followed the team when they followed Mookie’s lead in late August? In one word: No.

  8. Is there any way we can get rid of David Price (the quitter) in this scenerio?
    If so, I say go for it.

    1. Price in essence missed a full season last year. He is also a year older and no guarantee he won’t opt out again if the COVID is still around. His last year with the Bosox wasn’t that great. He strikes me as being a good candidate to have a Wood type season. In short to depend on him as a full time effective starter could be a big error in expectation. Enter Bauer. The alternative unless he ends up in the American League is playing for a team that can disrupt another championship season. Unlike so many other starters Bauer goes deep mitigating multiple bullpen calls and as such is less a need for relievers. To me it’s a no brained to try to sign him. If that fails there are other Plan Bs pursue, all of which are good. BTW. I am finally wearing my 1955 championship jacket to celebrate. My Thoughts

  9. In my judgement the answer is YES. With his talent a great way to do this is a one year option with both the Dodgers and Bauer having a say in future negotiations We don’t know presently how the Covid virus will effect us in 2021.It is entirely possible David Price won’t choose to play again next year. In which case having Bauer in the rotation is almost a guarantee for another World series champion crown. With this in mind I would make a few other adjustments and repeat for years to come.

  10. I think it’s definitely worth considering signing Bauer to the team for next season. The chances of a WS championship repeat goes way up in my opinion, especially if the main pieces of the team remain. Plus it appears he wants to be a Dodger? He grew up a Dodger fan and has expressed ad desire to “come home”. Maybe he’ll fit in with the TEAM culture and check any ego he has at the door. The big question is how will they pull it off and keep JT? He’ll be lights out when he pitches which will relieve the pressure on the offense.

    Also, those of you calling Price a quitter should check yourselves and give him a break. We don’t exactly know what medical situation he and his family are in. Does he or anyone in his family have an increased risk due to their health condition? You don’t know. As much as I love the Dodgers and baseball, it’s nothing of value compared to someone’s life. That’s his choice and shouldn’t be criticized. So get your damn priorities in check. Now that treatments have improved and it looks like there’s a vaccine on the immediate horizon, he may reconsider for next season. Either way, as someone else put it, we don’t know how effective he’ll be if/when he opts in.

  11. I say we get the reds to sign him and we trade for him. We’ve got white and several other players to give. I would give up rios, santana and a lower catcher with potential.

  12. Imagine signing the best everyday player in baseball in one year, and signing the best pitcher in baseball in the following year. And winning world championships in both years. Sounds good to me. Friedman was the best FO guy in baseball last year. If he could get Bauer this year after getting Mookie last year, I’d give him a lifetime award.

  13. Absolutely do it. He’s a winner and he has the attitude and swagger to step it up in the postseason. He would be my first and second priority. Period. One or two year deal would be ideal.

  14. Leave team AS IS. If it ain’t broke………….. We have enough very good young pitchers and they need room to grow. Don’t disturb the CHEMISTRY. Bring JT and Kike back. We’ll roll again in 2021.

  15. And most important IMHO is hes been a Dodger fan going back even before going into Pro ball. He Wants to pitch here and his 2020 season speaks for itself. And if he wants just a 1 or 2 year deal.that would allow Dodgers to re-sign JT and Treinen. Consider that $$$ is coming off the books after 2021 and 2022.

  16. Without a doubt sign him. We need a dependable starter to along with current staff. I think it would almost another world series. .

  17. You guys crack me up. After the Washington Nationals blowup all I read was fire Roberts and fire Friedman. They suck, they don’t know anything. Now we’re ready to make Friedman GM for life. Such short memories.

  18. Just ONE year ago ago Trevor Bauer did this:


    If you can’t get along with Terry Francona, you can’t get along with anyone. One of the many reasons the Dodgers won the title this year was team chemistry – this guy is a cancer. He just had ONE excellent season (and just a 60 game season at that). Fortunately all of you are the GM: you can bet the Dodgers will NOT be running after him. PLUS we have REAL World champions that will be needing free agent contracts in the next few years. It would horrible to lose Seager, Bellinger, Urias or Buehler because we spent our budget on a big mouth free-agent crybaby like Bauer.

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