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Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez Shares His Thoughts on Julio Urias’ Status Among the Mexican Community

Former Dodgers first baseman Adrián González took some time with our Blue Heaven Podcast this week and shared his thoughts on LA’s World Series win.

Of course, A-Gon was a key contributor to the Dodgers for 6 big league seasons. And for many fans, he was the guy that ushered in a new era of winning in the post-McCourt ownership nightmare. Adrián points to his pride in being something of a mentor for some of the players that debuted during his tenure that finally got over the hump in 2020.

Additionally, he praised Dodger pitcher Julio Urías while talking about his newfound legend status in Mexico and amongst Chicanos in and around Los Angeles.

“It was incredible to see, honestly. It was such a fun experience. I know that everyone in Mexico is still raving about it, still talking about it. One of the biggest articles is having Julio be the second Mexican pitcher after Sergio Romo to get the final out of a World Series, so that’s been a big deal.”

Immediately, thoughts turn to Fernando Valenzuela for Dodgers fans more than Sergio Romo. Seeing Julio put a team on his back for an incredible performance all throughout the postseason showing shades of the 1981 championship. Fernandomania swept through Los Angeles and Chavez Ravine in the ’80s, and that feeling for the Chicano community was rekindled with Urías this October.

“Within all the Chicano community here in LA,” Gonzalez said. “It’s been something that everybody’s seeing Julio as a potential next great Mexican pitcher — which we already all saw, but now that they saw it on the biggest stage, everyone seeing him as the next big Mexican pitcher on the world stage, which is great to see because he deserves that.”


The coming out tour was on full display for Urías and the Dodgers this October, but the hope is that’s just the beginning.

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  1. Good for you Julio “El Nino” Urias (7) All the hard work you put in on your pitching it finally paid off when you close the show on the NL pennant against Atlanta and Especially the World Series against Tampa bay to Win it All… God willing you will be champion for a long time!
    Congratulations “The 2020 World Series Champions Dodgers” It feel so good to say it again I waited 32 years to see it happen! Let’s Do a Repeat for 2021… “Let’s Go LA Dodgers!!!

  2. The only problem with the Sergio Romo pine is that Sergio is an American as was his father. His grandfather was born in Mexico. I love that in one of the post WS parades in SF he wore a Tee shirt that said “I only look illegal”.

  3. Oh yeah, A-Gon, the guy that went to Italy instead of being by his teammate’s sides in the playoffs. A-Gon, who was always soooooooo fan-friendly – when the cameras where turned toward him. A-Gon, who scurried back to the park from his vacation in Europe, only after the media made a big deal about it. A-Gon, a has-been that was a never-was. I had almost forgotten about him. I am glad A-Gon is coming back from Tuscany so that he can latch on to the Dodgers winning without him.

  4. As a Dodger fan who lived and died with every pitch this season, when Julio was brought in during the 2020 playoffs, immediately relaxed. When Mark suggested that he pitch from the stretch, he became the dominate pitcher we all have expected him to be. I admire the fact that he is a hero in Mexico and with the Chicano community of L.A. It reminds me of Fernando and we all know how much he was and is sincerely loved. JM

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