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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Reveals Offseason To-Do List

Dodgers fans are still riding the high from winning the 2020 World Series but we all know that 2021 is right around the corner and there is work to do. And with players like Justin Turner, Blake Treinen, and Joc Pederson entering free agency, there are still some tough calls to come for the club.

In a recent interview with John Hartung of Access Sportsnet, Dodgers President of Baseball Operations and MLB Executive of the Year, Andrew Friedman, shared a bit of insight on what his winter plans might look like.

Right now it’s kinda wrapping our arms around the offseason to-do list and fortunately we feel really good about the guys that we have on our roster right now. That being said there are some really talented players that are coming off our roster and are free agents right now, so its kinda that balance of figuring out ultimately what we want the 2021 team to look like and kinda balancing that on the trade front and on the free-agent market and just figuring out what puts us in the best position.

As already mentioned, Turner, Treinen, and Pederson are out on the open market. Additionally, long-time bullpen stalwart Pedro Baez is a free agent along with 2020 diamond in the rough Jake McGee. So the bullpen will certainly need to be addressed.

Going from that high of winning it all only to have to get right back to work building for another title run has to be daunting. Thankfully, it’s a challenge Friedman is up to.

I think what’s awesome was going through this and winning it all but, days after, just the text threads with coaches and various front office, the mindset was “let’s be pigs”, let’s do everything we can to go out next year and do it again. And so we switched gears pretty quickly and hopefully we’ll get a chance to really blow off some steam and celebrate the 2020 season. But right now, we’re kinda all focused towards doing all we can to put the best team together for 2021.

The Dodgers won the offseason last winter with the acquisition of Mookie Betts. You gotta wonder what could be in store this time around.

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  1. I know it is easy to get complacent, but Friedman & Co. Don’t Get Complacent. I get it is a balancing act, but go after players who Haven’t won a division, a league or World Series title.The Dodgers players have Now all three.

    1. Hello, Robin. Concur and it’s obvious Arenado wants a chance to play in the PS with a chance for being on a winning team and a possible WS ring. But decisions on current Dodger FA’s need to also be made first. Treinen is a priority to retain for sure. As far as the others. wss.

  2. Trade for Whit Merrifield under contract for 2 years reasonable salary and can play 2nd or outfield. Be a great hitter behind Betts good contact man. Would solve a lot of problems because of his versatility and right handle bats.

    1. I agree 100% Merrifield fits the bill especially to replace Pederson and/or Hernandez. Good choice!!

  3. Make sure we at least resign Pederson, Hernandez, and Treinin. We need these guys next year. I would love Turner to come back, but if we work a trade for Arenado that would be great. We also should try to lock up Seager long term this offseason. We can’t let this guy get away.

  4. One thing that MLB MUST decide sooner rather than later is the DH remaining in the NL or not. This is vital so teams can make roster decisions going forward. IMHO THE DH NEEDS to remain in NL. I’m done seeing a pitcher batting, and killing rallies. The same concerns will also be there in2021 as this Pandemic will still be raging and teams can better protect their pitching investments and also keep more offense in the game. As 1 poster once said: watching the pitchet bat is boring.

  5. At this point I’m very happy to not second guess Friedman on anything. We all have our opinions. But his opinions and actions gave the Dodgers a long awaited world championship. Thanks again!

  6. Difficult to tell exactly what Friedman “revealed” in those comments other than the usual Managerial sound bites we hear every year. But I’m glad to hear he “switched gears” from whatever he was doing that kept him from thinking about keeping the Dodgers at the top. Not dissing the man at all, just the hyperbolic headline of this story.

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