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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Teases That More Roster Moves May Still be Coming

Over the weekend when addressing the media at FanFest, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman had some thoughts on the makeup of the club’s roster at that point.

While (of course) Friedman feels good about his club — and he should, mind you — he did allude to the fact that he’s not done looking to improve the team dramatically before the start of the season, or even spring training.

There’s still a lot of conversations and things happening, but we feel good about where we are and if we’re able to something that makes us feel even better, that’s awesome.

Surely a fan might read this and pair the most recent chatter surrounding Boston’s star outfielder Mookie Betts, or Nolan Arenado’s desire to get out of Colorado and start to get a little excited. While Friedman obviously wouldn’t expand much on where conversations may be headed, the sense of a man still on a mission was apparent.

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Whether that was sooner rather than later remains to be seen.

There were a few guys and there still are, and it’s something that whether it’s in July, whether it’s next off-season, our mindset is always to be aggressive on guys that kind of fit in at the top of the roster and bet on our amateur scouts and our player development group and what we do at the big league level to continue to keep the depth coming.

Of course, the LA Dodgers are a team that can out-depth just about any team in the league — you don’t win 7 straight division titles without having guys who can step in when stars are down. But still, the fact remains that it continues to be apparent that the club is just one perfect move away from getting over a 30+-year-old hurdle.

If I were a gambling man, I’d wager on the current 40-man roster (and 21 other non-roster invitees) being the guys that show up to Camelback Ranch in two weeks over any new names shaking up the scene. And maybe that’s not a bad thing at this moment in time.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Clint I sometimes wonder if you enjoy watching other Dodger fans throw rocks and garbage at the Master Money ball man, the one and only Andy Friedman!

  2. Iam tired of Friedman trying and getting nothing done.
    And Robert’s talking about the Astros cheating he was the reason we lost. Nobody mentions that the National beat that same cheating team.

  3. Friedman signed FA Jimmy Nelson, Blake Treinen, Reymin Guduan, Edubray Ramos, Kyle Lobstein, brought back Alex Wood, Scott Alexander. I’d say he’s had an awesome offseason.

    1. lol!!! Yep, another off season of lot’s of talk, speculation and in the end, the inevitable signing of mid-level talent capped off by post season coaching blunders by Roberts. It’s comforting to know that in this day & age you can always count on some things never changing.

    2. Matt, maybe Andy is adding a new metric we are all overlooking. He signs pitchers that will guarantee the defense receives Laser rocket exit bat velocity opportunities. Its the metric that ensures the defense will be acknowledged as the top most effective D in the division. Therefore the top 5 farm will need to draft more middle infielders, especially because of the injury factor involved.

        1. Paul, if I take this farce of computer, metric platooning and shifts for what it is, a joke, then the reality is a lot easier to stomach. The last few years I would get ticked watching Roberts falter, hot hitters sat Dow, no bunting, sacrificing runners, no squeezes, safety or suicide, no hit and runs you know, fundamental baseball. No moves to address obvious weaknesses, letting great players walk away because they wouldn’t pay them!! I asked myself, what is this team Walmart? Joking and sarcasm is what this entire money ball is!!!

    3. Maybe Treinen and Wood will prove to be good moves. The rest? Hope springs eternal but hope is not a plan

  4. I totally agree that for the immediate past, all Friedman has done is too add mediocrity to this team. He let Wood depart then turn around and bring him back! Why is the name of @@@*** did you let him go in the first blasted place? At every turn except for the acquisitions of Yu Darvish and Manny Machado, GM Friedman has done nothing of importance that warrants confidence in his managerial ability at least for this LA Dodger fan of 6o+ years!

    1. Money ball Milton. Welcome to this buy low, never sell arrogant world of billionaire owner, robot ball players, computer manager fantasy baseball ten! Your Oakland Dodgers!

  5. all bu******it I think fudman gets paid not to go after great players,but it does not matter as great players out there do not want to play for roberts, & you can not blame them.

  6. The team has won 302 games in three years, and has lost no one from last season’s 106-win team that can’t be replaced internally. Lots of clueless whiners on here. I’m glad Friedman is in charge and not any of you so-called fans. If you were in charge, Bellinger/Buehler would have both been dealt for Dozier in ’16; Verdugo for Kluber last winter; and the steal of a deal with the Reds never would have been made. You people are still infatuated with Puig, a player no team in either league wants. And you would have sent a package of Lux, May, and Verdugo to Boston for one year of Mookie Betts. Making trades is negotiating. You don’t accept another teams first offer; especially when you already have one of the three best teams in the sport. Friedman knows what he’s doing. He’s the one who drafted that 2016 class and retooled the organization’s talent base and player development practices. This the best time to ever be a Dodger fan. If you can’t handle that, then maybe you should root for one of those recent WS winners like the Kansas City Royals.

  7. Uh Jackpot, no one? Ryu and his 17 win 2.5 e.r.a. ? Freese most clutch hitter on the team. Russ Martin …. Did you even watch this off season? None of these players were replaced with anything comparable in talent. I don’t remember anyone around here wanting to give up Bell or seager either, unless they were offered equal players and no one believed Dozier was worth squat, or Buehler. Your Glad Friedman is in charge? Don’t you want to break a 33 year drought? Don’t you want to win the World Series? You think losing Puig helped us in the playoffs last year? Losing Kemp who carried the team for 3 months in ,18 to be replaced by Verdugo who missed half the season and contributed nothing? Yeah that Friedman sure has been making great World series winning moves! Heck of a decision maker! Your glad Friedman is running things… Oky Doky!

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