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Dodgers Fans Still View Team Favorably Despite Lack of Off-Season Moves

Obviously the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t been the most active team in baseball this off-season. Still, Dodgers fans overwhelmingly see the team as one that will win at a clip of regularity in the upcoming 2020 season. Remember, when setting the 2020 win totals; oddsmakers have the Dodgers at 98.5 on their over/under total.

Moreover – in a poll that almost two thousand fans voted in – 58 percent see the Dodgers as a 90-plus win team. By comparison, 22 percent see the Dodgers winning 100 or more games in the upcoming season. Just 14 percent see the Dodgers falling in the 80 to 89 win range.

You can see the full poll results below.

Therefore, if you’re like me and you feel like the Dodgers could have done a lot more this past off-season; what are the reasons for optimism?

  • Offensive depth and versatility. In 2019, the Dodgers had one of the deepest benches of all-time by the numbers. A large majority of those members will be returning in 2020.
  • They have the NL MVP on the roster in Cody Bellinger, and he is just in his age-24 season.
  • The Dodgers have a possible Cy Young contender in Walker Buehler entering his third season.
  • Los Angeles boasts arguably the best roster within their own division, which they have won every year since 2013.
  • The Dodgers are hopeful for a full return to form and health from the likes of Corey Seager and Alex Verdugo, each of whom could be 5-WAR players over a full season.
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Plus, you can probably think of more reasons for optimism. In all likelihood, the Dodgers are going to be right in the thick of things again in 2020.

Finally, how do you see the Dodgers handling business in 2020? If you were asked to predict their record for the upcoming season today, where do you have them finishing? Of course I am asking you right now, so let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Very good team, but the pressure is starting to rise as the Diamondbacks and Padres get better and we do nothing. I started the off-season hoping that we might acquire a game changing starting pitcher as our greatest need. Seemingly now, we’re going to have to pitch with what we have, which is a promising Cy Young candidate, an aging veteran with the deepest Ocean of heart and high upside kids. Now, all that I can hope for is that we sign Kris Bryant because we’re short a Bryant all of a sudden, and Mookie Betts. Acquiring those fellahs might help LA fans recover, to a small degree, an Icon suddenly lost.

  2. An appalling lack of accomplishment by the front office…they should be embarrassed…trying doesn’t count. A weaker team than the previous 3 years.

    1. You are right lack of pitching will not do it, we got the offense but no pitching??

    2. I looks like management don’t give a damn about winning a world series as long as we put over 3 million in attendance every year, because they know we are going to keep going to the stadium as long as they get their money they don’t care??

  3. Absolutely are we optimistic about the upcoming regular season! The Dodgers will win between 95 and 100 games this year. And probably between 90-95 next year. But the clock is ticking. Kershaw has slipped into the realm of the “very good.” and Turner – the only Dodger who has consistently stepped it up when it counted over the past several years – gets older. There is promise from the youngsters. But we don’t know how that will turn out. Meanwhile, Arizona continues to make sage moves and San Diego is one big trade away from being competitive. Despite all the talk about being perpetually “competitive” there will come a time when the Dodgers will no longer dominate their division. And what, exactly, will we have to show for it? A sold out stadium? A big TV contract? A record number of division titles? The cold comfort that we were likely cheated out of a title in 2017? Or simply the realization that we put together the most dominant team in Los Angeles Dodger team since the 1960s but couldn’t get the job done when it mattered because – like Tampa Bay – we never transitioned into a team that could seal the deal in post season. We are not a team that “dares to be great.” We aspire to finish third on every free agent. “If not now, when?” is becoming never.

  4. Ralph, Chris Bryant resigned with the Cubs. If Dodgers fans view this team favorably to win 90 games they’ re honest. If they view this team winning a World Series they ‘ re delusional.

  5. Last I checked the Diamondbacks got better in the offseason. The Dodgers’ self-proclaimed “This year we’re really, really, really, really hungry compared to the last seven years” attitude might get them the division title. But it won’t be as easy as last year. Plus their NBA/NHL-type of “the regular season is just a warm up for the playoffs” philosophy hasn’t paid any dividends since 1988. And enough with the Astros stuff. The Dodgers lost two games at home in that World Series.

    1. One of those home games was thrown by Roberts which proved to be the difference in a series in which they lost by a single game

      1. Stop living in the past. Nothing is going to change with the 2017 results. The problem now is the lack of importance the Dodgers are giving 2020.

  6. Of course we all know they will be fine in the regular season that’s not what anyone’s concern is. They don’t have enough to win it all and no they won’t be able to get what’s really needed in July

    1. Don, the Dodgers still have Roberts to make those pitching decisions he made last year, no impact RHB and are basically a left hand hitting team and that will not get it done in October either. BTW the division is no lock as well. OH, and whenever Dodgers play a series with the Dbacks they will most likely see 2 LHP in each series…..

      1. I think it’s going to be one of those status quo weak 92 win division title seasons and nothing in the playoffs

    2. Exactly right .
      Except that I’m not sure the NL west is a lock. Padres may surprise and D-Backs are looking like they mean business.
      How frustrating will it be to get to the post season though and then watch Seager . Pollock and others go 0 for everything in a one series and out again .

  7. Actually, I think this is the main reason that the Dodgers haven’t won a World Series in over 30 years. The organization isn’t pressured to produce a World Championship. Close is good enough for most Dodger fans. Boston isn’t that way. That’s why they are often 100 times more determined than this organization is. You have to really want it. This poll proves that most Dodger fans just show up to see a decent team, and that’s good enough (for them.)

  8. Oh, they will do OK in the regular season, but will they step up to the plate in Oct.? That’s the question.

    1. With one post season-quality starting pitcher, and very few hitters that can do anything against decent pitching. No other sports organization would get away with acting as arrogantly as this one does. They are off the charts arrogant. The majority of Dodger fans are sheep, and this organization knows it.

      1. Spot on scuds. That’s why the Dodgers are the go to place for conmen ownerships. Fox, McCourt and now Guggenheim. The rubes make it all possible and it’s well known

  9. You don’t just let the starting pitcher with the lowest e.r.a. in the league walk (and replace him with no proven major league level starting pitcher) to Toronto unless you are sure that most of your fans are quiet Sheep. Dodger fans need to look themselves in the mirror, because they’ve enabled this organization to act like one of the most arrogant organizations in sports.

  10. I don’t care about the regular season at all. You can go into the playoffs as a wild card and win it all. They needed to pick up a right handed bopper and bullpen help in the off season and AGAIN failed to do so. My Dodgers lack the balls to do what needs to be done. It’s really a sad situation.

  11. Let’s not make predictions just yet, but to be honest this year’s team is not as good as last year’s team, if for no other reason we have a good portion of the potential starting rotation being somewhat inexperienced with which there will be innings limits and the BP will be over worked again by Roberts and Co. even though there is that 3 batter minimum.

  12. I project the Dodgers winning 88 to 94 games this season. They will win the NL West because it is so weak right now. They will have a rough time in the postseason because of rookie pitchers who will be pitch count limited by then, irregardless of how well they perform during the regular season. The Dodgers still desperately need a veteran 3 starter for the postseason to go along with Buehler and Kershaw. Maeda should be in the bullpen for the postseason where he has been in recent years, and has done well. Wood is an option, but not the frontline, reliable performer you really need in the postseason.

  13. Well gentlemen, it looks like Dusty Baker will manage the Astros. The Dodgers had the chance to get him when they got Roberts instead. Baker wouldn’t have been the metric money ball manager for Friedman. No way the Astros get past the Yanks….

    1. I like Baker managing the Astros. It’ll guarantee they never win a World Series again but we’ll get to see them lose many playoff series

      1. Dusty never knew when to get a pitcher for sure! Astros didn’t do anything. Just like the Dodgers! And now they can’t cheat, so I agree with you!

    2. There are two managers the Dodgers historically missed out on, Dusty Baker, and Mike Scoscia.

  14. The Dodgers could break the 106 team record for wins that they just set last year. Why you ask? Well, because they are now fueled by the fire brought on by the cheating scumbag Astros. I dont know how any one could think that a team so talented and so pissed off would regress. There is more to it as well, the bull pen will be much better and as hard to believe as this might seem for a team that just broke the NL record for homeruns, the Dodgers line up will be even better this year. A healthy Seager and Verdugo along with the addition of the wonder boy Gavin Lux, this line up is gonna be fun to watch (if you are a Dodger fan that is). Oh and if we by any chance come up with Betts then you can just forget it, that would give us not only the right handed bat that we need but the lead off hitter that we have desperately needed for so long. Not to mention the gold glove, silver slugger, batting title and MVP that he’ll bring with him. The only thing that could help the rest of baseball then would be if the boys in blue just got too worn out from running the bases so damn much. It’s gonna be a fun year you can bet on that, GO BIG BLUE!!!

    1. Phil always good to see optimism. Kasten and Friedman love you. Betts? The fire to win? I think the Braves,Yanks,Nat’s,Twins even the Phills have that fire we’ re looking for. Too bad platooning and metric experimenting, along with a ex Center fielder for a manager throw big buckets of water on the flame!

    2. I agree Philip. And the pitching last year led the league in ERA. Sure Ryu left, but they were right not to get on the hook for his new contract. Last year was most likely his career year. And he doesn’t have a great reliability track record. Urias will replace him in the rotation. How many teams can just reach down and bring in another arm of that quality? And they still have room to bring in a deadline acquisition if something good pops up.

  15. Only idiots see Dodgers not winning the division.Dodgers should have won 2 titles if it wasn’t for the cheaters.That proves we have a better team now with the youngsters having MLB esperience.

  16. I’ve been a die-hard Dodger fan since 1962. Never in my life have I been more disappointed in the team. They have had continued opportunity to improve this core group. Kershaw’s World Series Dreams have been destroyed by ownership clutching their almighty dollars. I agree with preserving the minor league system. What about all the free agents they’ve let slip through their hands…Greinke, Verlander, Cole, J.D. Martinez, Rendon, and even MadBum. All it would have taken was money. Instead, Kershaw is on the “back end” of his career with no support. For a fan to actually consider the ’20 Dodgers better than last year after losing Ryu, Hill, Freese, Martin, Negron, Chargois and Garcia and only signing a few “medical projects” is absolutely ludicrous…but hey…we signed Barnes (WHY!!!). I as a fan will show MY displeasure by NOT spending a dime on this team…no more tickets….no more merchandise. I’m done! THIS Dodger fan does NOT “Still View Team Favorably”.

  17. Problem with getting Betts is our idiot management. Roberts will have him platooning at catcher or something stupid like that. Next thing you know his hitting will be slumping because he’s worried about what position he’ll be playing NEXT. Then we’ll get to the playoffs again and under pressure, the “platoon” players will choke because their focus is spread too thin. Jack of All Trades and Master of None….it isn’t working. Why does this team have so FEW gold glove award winners? Probably because we have 95 different fielding lineups during the year. Who’s on First?..What’s the name of the guy on Second? Abbott & Costello would have a heyday with Dave Roberts’ team! UGH!!!!!!!

    1. 62, I feel the same way. I’ve been since 65.. No more money from me either. They won’t spend it so they don’t get it anymore! Money ball doesn’t win championships, but it does put people in the seats, and that’s all they care about.

  18. This Front office has engineered an incredible feat. They have cleared the financial aspect as they have cleared the big money contracts from the past, every year made the team younger and stayed competitive with a top 5 Farm Team with more talent in the pipeline.
    Why don’t you people get it? I am especially disappointed in Clint as he is writing these articles.
    This is and as long as Kasten is in charge will be a Farm First organization it is the only way to stay competitive long term.
    Everyone that isn’t completely oblivious and some definitely are! Know this team has a very good chance of winning the NL West this year. So if you look at the Kasten-Friedman business plan they will allow the talent they brought up last year. Smith, Lux, May, Gonsolin, Beaty, Rios etc to get more MLB experience and see if they fill the rolls and make the team more competitive. With the Farm Team they have they have plenty of resources to trade at the end of the trade deadline to improve.
    But why would they do that without first allowing their incredible young talent an opportunity to grab the chance? If they had listened to the LA Times writers, the sports journalists or myopic fans they would have traded Bellinger, Smith, Seager, Verdugo, Lux or other important players! Wow Now people wanted them to trade Lux or May not a smart move as they will be incredible players. The last Dodger to win Minor League Player of the year before Lux was Konerko and they traded him! Look how that turned out!

    1. Again this guy and the division titles it’s like that’s all you care about. No one here is worried over the division in 2020. Everyone except a few delusional fans know that we’ll be going into the playoffs with one playoff ace, a choke artist, and a bunch of question marks who will be on limits. You’d think they’d stock up on elite bullpen arms because of it but no. You guys are pinning your hopes on this FO making some kind of splash in July as if the asking prices teams have for us will suddenly be different this time.

      1. Tmaster won’t answer my question Don. I’ve asked him a few times. If the minor league system is so awesome, top 5….Top 5… Top 5… Did I mention they’ re top 5? Why hasn’t the TOP class AAA PCL Pacific Coast league won a championship since 1996? The players being brought up don’t know how to hit and run, bunt, safety squeeze, suicide squeeze etc. Basic fundamentals they never can do! Why? I’m not sold on this minor league power house. It produces the same amount of ready players as every other system, but other orgs only keep the players that outplay the veterans at their set positions. The Dodgers have their media friends hype players ( Smith) Lux, May etc. To push out any deserving veteran that’s deserving of a big pay day. Grandal #2 catcher in baseball, Ryu runner up for the Cy young! Seager, Bellinger Baez,Kersh,Kenley all are from the farm, all are great regular season players, all struggle in crunch time..Does anyone figure that maybe the players start listening to the hype as well, and don’t have to earn their lineup postions because the FO sits veterans in the playoffs. Do you need examples? The entire money ball metric platoon- playing Rookies who are not ready experiment is just that.

      2. Uh oh Don, I brought up the minor league record of being championship winless since 1996, so its being moderated. They don’t want people acknowledging that.

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