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Dodgers Announce Their New Dodger Dog Supplier Replacing Farmer John

The Dodgers announced earlier this season that Farmer John would no longer be the supplier of Dodger Dogs. That did not sit well with fans in Los Angeles. Farmer John has been a part of the organization for longer than most can remember. 

The Dodgers also said that they would announce the new supplier at a later date. It’s unclear where the Dodger Dogs have been coming from since that announcement since they technically cut ties with Farmer John following the 2019 season. 

But the Dodgers announced today that they partnered with Vernon-based “Papa Cantella’s” to supply Dodger Stadium with Dodger Dogs and its premium sausages.

The Dodger Dog is synonymous with Dodger baseball, and a ballpark tradition that has been enjoyed by generations of fans. It has and always will be an iconic part of the Dodger Stadium experience and we’re proud to entrust the legacy of the Dodger Dog to Papa Cantella’s, a family-owned, local manufacturer with a reputation for superior quality products. – Lon Rosen, Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

The team also said that Papa Cantella’s hot dogs have been sold at the stadium since Opening Day. So that explains what Dodgers fans have been eating in the meantime. The deal with the local vendor is a multi-year agreement. 

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The Dodgers also said that over 100,000 have been sold through the team’s first 13 home games. Fans who cannot make it out to Chavez Ravine will be able to purchase Papa Cantella’s version at retail grocery locations throughout Southern California.

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  1. Glad we got that straightened out. Now The Dodgers need to work on the bullpen & the offense.

  2. Dodger Dogs haven’t been the same since Hormel bought out Farmer John about 2006 and changed the recipe to all pork and no western spices.

  3. Dodger dogs are now made by Cantella and cost $6.75 at the stadium as of June, 2021. Farmer John products were touted by announcer Vin Scully as “the easternmost in quality, and the westernmost in flavor” for decades.

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