Dodgers: Trevor Bauer ‘Pissed’ After Another Tough Loss, Will His Comments Fire up LA?

After throwing 113 pitches through 6 IP, Dodgers star right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer did his best to convince manager Dave Roberts to go back out there for the seventh. We break down the interaction and discuss if it was the right decision by Dave Roberts.

Plus, Trevor Bauer spoke candidly about his frustration with the team’s current funk where they’ve lost 15 of their last 20 games. Will Bauer’s comments light a fire in the Dodgers clubhouse?


What will it take for this team to get back on track? Is something like Bauer’s outburst good or bad for the club? Let me know what you think in the comments!

One thing is certain, these Dodgers need any help they can get, whether that be some brawling in the clubhouse, sage, Jobu or whatever. This team has a lot of money out on the field… it’s time to pull it together! 


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. In all fairness to our Dodger batters I do not think Trevor Bauer is being very fair in his judgement..He has been struggling a bit himself…The angels won the game yesterday because of his pitching.So fair is fair.He should NOT be so quick to judge his teammates!!

    1. You mean his 2.5 ERA isn’t good enough for you? So you think he has to throw a shutout every time he goes to the mound to meet your approval. The Dodgers problems are simple. They can’t hit and the bullpen can’t pitch. Bauer might be the only one on the team earning his paycheck.

      1. I agree with Tim, our starters are the only ones earning their pay. We lost the game Sunday because of our inability to hit and bring in runners !

    2. You know after having listened to what Bauer (and Kershaw) had to say I don’t think it wasn’t really pointing fingers. They both were just P.O.’d and said the team had to play better and right now. Frankly anybody on that team who isn’t angry shouldn’t be on the team!

  2. I suspect something is going on in the clubhouse….. I don’t know what it is but the mojo is not right. A hard face-to-face…..hash-it-all-out conversation or a shake-up is needed. When things are going bad and spiraling down w/ the worst type of Dodger baseball losses, an immediate attention is needed. The team’s body language look strange and uncomfortable.

  3. Bauer is doing great & deserve his pay check..That being said D.f.a Barnes, Jensen,get rid of the rookies these guys suck.. Muncie can’t hit,Lux is way overrated, Seager sucks,.& Why do we use the same batting order ?Why not change it.. ?.. Roberts always sucked as a coach.. Something needs too change an yes it is definitely time to worry..

  4. Watching the current team play is like watching a team at the end of the season that doesn’t have a chance to make the playoff’s, just going through the motions. It all starts at the top! Dave Roberts cannot motivate the team and hasn’t done anything to try and remedy the situation. He keeps trotting out the same batting line-up, not starting players who are performing offensively, just making questionable calls throughout any game. I don’t know if Dave is just a puppet being controlled by others behind the scene or not. If Dave is, truly, making these decisions, well, the King has no clothes! Leadership starts at the top and currently the Dodgers are leaderless!

  5. Bauer should have 5 wins already! This pathetic offense,defense,and bullpen are to blame!

  6. Somebody on the Dodgers should be mad! Roberts thinks the Dodgers will still win the NL-West. My money’s on the fathers or the gints, heck even the snakes will past the Dodgers.

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