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Dodgers Announce Wild Card Game Roster With a Few Surprises

The Dodgers and Cardinals will play to survive tonight in Los Angeles. With everything on the line in the Wild Card Game, you can expect both teams to have all guys ready to go at any point tonight. 

Dave Roberts had said on Tuesday that he did expect the team to carry 10 pitchers on the roster. That meant Walker Buehler would not be on the roster since he just threw on Sunday. Buehler is also expected to pitch game 1 of the NLDS should they advance. 

Today, the Dodgers announced their Wild Card roster, and there are a few surprises. 

The Not-So Surprising

The usual guys that you would expect to be on the roster are certainly there. The only real exceptions are injury-related with Max Muncy and Clayton Kershaw off of the roster. The Dodgers did go with 10 pitchers, 9 of which are obviously going to be out in the bullpen. They do have Tony Gonsolin and Julio Urias out there for length if needed. 

The Surprises

Seeing Billy McKinney, Zach McKinstry, and Luke Raley on the roster is a bit of a surprise. All 3 guys were likely added due to the injuries to Max combined with the fact that they are only carrying 10 pitchers for the Wild Card Game. 

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Dave Roberts did note that McKinney was in the conversation to play first base in this one. However, it would be very odd for McKinney to be chosen over guys like Bellinger, Beaty, and Pujols. Raley and McKinstry offer depth just in case something happens, including the possibility of an extra-innings marathon. 

Bullpen-wise, it’s the usual suspects out there ready to back up Max Scherzer. Left-handed pitcher Justin Bruihl was likely left off due to Julio and Alex Vesia being available. Interestingly enough, David Price did not get the nod for the Wild Card Game roster this time around. 

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    1. Paul … relax. These guys are depth for extra innings or as possible low-leverage pinch hitters. There was no else to add and McKinney will not start.

    2. Paul, this is a one game roster. The NLDS roster will be quite different if the Dodgers advance (which I believe they will).

    1. All I can say again if he does that as far as the starting lineup goes:
      That’s Roberts for ya.
      If Dodgers get sent home you can bet the excuses will flow in as well as second guessing and all the criticisms that would go along with it.

      1. Paul, while I do enjoy your perspective on things, please lay off DR. I’ll keep saying this until I’m blue in the face…DR is the winning manager in baseball history!!! Go look it up! I don’t agree with everything he does, but I simply can’t argue the facts.

        1. The Yankees won in spite of Joe Torre, who failed everywhere else before and after he was handed Steinbrenner’s All Star teams. Most overrated manager of all time. Roberts would be a close second. Wouldn’t be a need for this one game farce if it wasn’t for some of his bonehead personnel lineup/decisions. Who else would bench a guy the day after he knocks in 7 runs, or is 5-6 currently? Beaty must have run over Doc’s dog. Belli, Raley and McKinney?? Please?? Can’t wait to see the lineup card

          1. Yo Bobbyd, what say you now? Beaty the dog murderer lol at 1B!

        2. Well from what I’ve read from most comments on here is that the talent on this roster is what has allowed Dodgers to be in the PS in each of the 6 years Roberts has managed and many have pointed out some of his in game management this year was in part a reason why Dodgers fell short of another division title. Now admittedly, nobody expected Giants to end up 1 game better in that win/loss column either. But I know the roster for the NLDS, should Dodgers get there will be different for a best of 5 series.

    2. McKinney on roster is absurd. Roberts’ love affair with him and his .146 average is perhaps the biggest single reason Dodgers didn’t win the division. Urias in relief tonight would make game two much easier for SF. He could still start but effectiveness would be diminished.

  1. Ok Cards lineup is out, no surprises:

    2b Edman
    1b Goldschmidt
    LF O’Neil
    3b Arenado
    RF Carlson
    C Molina
    SS Sosa
    CF Bader
    P Wainwright

    Nobody besides Edman (4-9) has hit Scherzer worth beans!

    Stay tuned for Dodger lineup.

      1. Well the only mistake I made was the order. I had Smith and Pollock reversed. As previously stated, Cards to a man haven’t hit Scherzer well. On the contrary, all Dodgers have hit Waino well besides Belli. Beaty hasn’t faced him. I love the Dodgers chances here. It will take some unusual circumstances for the Cards to pull this one off. At least by the numbers.

      2. Paul, I wrote early this morning that DR bashers will be shocked when he starts Beaty at 1st. Sure enough, I was right. I will put my trust in a manager who has guided teams to 3 WS appearances in 4 years. Not many have accomplished that feat. None in the last 20+ years.

  2. U
    I get it’s a one game roster but the issue is Roberts may find a way to use some of the filler players at the wrong time which imo would be anytime barring injury

  3. The compassionate me hopes. Bellinger does well tonite. It could take a lot of the sting out of a horrible season. The cynic in me however took the over on his runners LOB over/under number at 4.5.

    1. Tim, you made me laugh. Well done. I will hope for your compassionate side to win out tonight. 😉

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