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Dodgers are Favorites to Land Francisco Lindor, According to SportsLine

SportsLine, a sportsbooking website, set their odds for which team Cleveland Indians infielder Francisco Lindor would play with on Opening Day, with the Dodgers having the best odds at +200.

Just behind the Dodgers though are the Cleveland Indians, who are at +300 to retain Lindor.

This comes off the heels of Ken Rosenthal’s report for The Athletic that the Cleveland Indians are at a “critical stage” in trade talks for star shortstop Francisco Lindor, as they told other teams to give them their best offers this weekend.

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As the weekend comes to a close, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported via Twitter that the Dodgers are the team to watch not only for Lindor, but for starting pitcher Mike Clevinger as well.

Nightengale also reported that the Dodgers are still in contact with the Boston Red Sox on a possible deal for Mookie Betts. According to him, LA’s top trade chip isn’t Gavin Lux as previously reported, but rather shortstop Corey Seager.

Don’t get too excited though. Nightengale has a track record of being just a little off the mark in his reporting at times. It has even become something of a running gag in the replies to his tweets. There may be some substance to this report though, as evidenced by the SportsLine odds.

Maybe, just maybe, Nightengale could be right this time.

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  1. In any trade, I would deal Lux, not Seager. Seager is a proven MLB all star, who had one significant injury (rotator cuff) that will never happen again. He has a shorter time frame to make big money, but he’s worth it. He’s in his prime. Just move him to third, which is where most people thought he should be anyway, when he first came up. Either Lindor or Betts would make a great lead off hitter.

    1. ” Seager is a proven MLB all star,”

      Proven starter, maybe. But star? No way. He truly sucked in the playoffs. Looked like a lost rookie at the plate.

  2. If they can get Lindor for Seager and keep Lux I make that deal in a heartbeat. Really, really like Seager but Lindor is a difference maker. Kind of tired of seeing Seager swing at the first pitch in every AB and then watching strike three right down the middle.

    1. Agree and his at bat approach with 2 strikes is atrocious him and Pollock took the worse at bats ever seen in playoff history they need to go and be replaced with guys that can maintain their composure

  3. Agree with you 106. Seager chokes in the playoffs though, Lux the same! I think this Vegas odds maker should give us the odds of Friedman signing elite players, the odds of how many players the team says they’ re in on, and how many they actually sign!!! Myself and many more Dodger fans would make a lot of money on Stan and Andy!!!

    1. Pretty true Kirk! Which leads me to ask you and others here that do ya really think Lindor will be traded at all? If he is my bet is he goes elsewhere. what do you and others here think? Because the Indian’s GM has already stated he expects Lindor to be in their Opening Day lineup.

      1. Paul, no one really ever talks about how a player may react after a owner or GM openly talks of trades etc to the press. I believe yes
        Lindor must be traded by the Indians now for that reason alone. I believe that he may end up even in L.A., but not the Dodgers. Friedman has a love affair with his farm system and must truly believe that all of his prospects are more valuable than proven all stars. Friedman won’t have any control over lLindor, and Lindor didn’t come from the Dodgers farm so no I don’t have any hope Andy will start reasoning like a normal thinking individual that has any modesty.

    2. 2019 PS OPS:

      Turner: 1000
      Pederson: .953

      Lux: .856

      Bellinger: .540

      Seager: ..390
      Lumping Lux (the rookie) in with Seager’s PS performance is…’off base’.

  4. You guys love talking about odds don’t you? Same odds that prove meaningless on everything else

  5. NODH, I truly believe Indians will not back down on their insistence oon Lux in any deal, and that goes for whatever team is involved with trade talks. But the Red Sox in all honesty have zero right to expect too much for Betts because they know that can’t re-sign him and he is only a 1 year rental for whatever team he would go to. Nobody is going to offer that much for 1 year of control on a player.

    1. We might be able to get a reasonable deal with Betts like with Machado and Darvish because of him being a rental those seemed to be 2 trades where the other team was reasonable with us.

  6. Dodgers can trade anybody for Lindor besides Buehler & Bellinger as far as I’m concerned! If Indians want Lux, give them Lux. If they want Seager, give them Seager. Just don’t give them both unless Dodgers get Clevinger too.

  7. Tim, I might include Will Smith with Buehler and Bellinger as off limits because Ruiz is totally un proven, as he’s yet to see time in MLB and then if Smith is dealt, guess what, Austin Barnes would thus start and knowing Freidman he might bring up of all catchers, Rocky Gale as back up and most of us would say No thanks.

  8. IF the Dodgers acquire Lindor and Seager is still with the Dodgers, is he MLB-capable of playing third. Mentally, he does Not want to move to third and does anybody know if he played third-base at any level of ball, i.e. t-ball, little-league high school or minor leagues?

    1. Robin, If I recall he played 3rd in some past ST games and also in the minors upon occasion, but not that often. Can anyone then tell us if he ever played 3rd since coming up here to MLB in the regular season? IDK

  9. the whole Krux of the argument is we HAVE to get a right handed bat period. David Freeze is gone, can’t count on Pollack and who knows what we can get going forward out of Kiki and Taylor.
    Will Smith aint leaving but I agree future contracts aside give up Lux over Seager.
    If we don’t land Donaldson or resign RYu then we have to get Clevinger and Lindor. If we get Betts we have to resign RYU. This thing better get done because we may end up with no right handed bat and no real under 3.00 era third starter.

    1. Correct on all fronts here, John. Especially your 1st sentence I fully agree with. What’s is kind of sad for most of us here is the distinct possibility of reaching 2020 ST with exactly the team as it now stands with NO real improvements anywhere. Dodgers were in market to get a 3rd baseman (RHB) and Turner agreed to move to 1st to accommodate but even though Dodgers and others have seen Turner’s defense decline at 3rd, it looks more and more like he will be back there at 3rd anyway.

  10. “LA’s top trade chip isn’t Gavin Lux as previously reported, but rather shortstop Corey Seager.”


    1. ‘pitching is a necessity! ‘

      To WIN the WS, yes.

      To kick ass in the West, and sell lots of tickets? Nah.

      Dominant (PS) pitching takes the rings home. Koufax, Drysdale, Hershy…
      Only Buehler seems destined to be that kind of WS winning pitcher.

      The Nats had the guns. We didn’t.

    2. They blew it on the starting pitching front. Still can get Betances and atleast get the bullpen right

  11. TO The FO
    (Thank you Anderw for failing us again) you already screwed up and Failed this Team. DO NOT Make it worse!! Just because you are not competent (and couldn’t once again) get a deal done.
    If you trade away the Future because you could NOT get any of the FAs that this team needed to strengthen it self. It will make your incompetence that much worse for this team.
    Do not give up our tallent for a 1 to 2 year Potential Rental.

    If you wanted to make a slash little or big it should have happened already.
    Dont trade in house cheap controllable talent just because you are bad at your job and couldn’t get it done.

  12. If I’m Friedman, everyone is expendable except for Buehler, Bellinger, Smith, Lux & May! With that in stone, get Lindor and or Clevinger from Clevelannd or, Syndergard from the Mets or, Flaherty or Hudson from the Cardinals or, Odorizzi from the Twins. Starling Marte from the Pirates for center field. Not interested in Betts for one year unless it costs no more than 2nd tier guys from the 25 man roster or 2nd tier prospects. Definitely NO DAVID PRICE!!!

    1. If you guys haven’t arrived at the conclusion that Muncy is a keeper you haven’t looked had enough. He’s under team control for three more years and (with Turner) the most impactful hitter on the team. Not to mention his defense has been surprisingly good. We need another right-handed hitter and Seager needs to go. Linder is the answer.

  13. Dose anyone actually think Andrew can sign anyone of significants to a large deal (it would take for other Betts or Lindor)
    I would say you have Dodged reality there.

    besides Kershaw who started with this franchise the only large deal that he has signed is Pollock > terrible deal for us. I would have actually have given him some props for signing either Cole or Strass or Rendon. I knew he couldn’t get it done … but I was still hopeful for the sake of the team.

    These kind of major deals are way beyond Andrew.
    He came from Tampa where these kinds of players were not even on the radar. He is still playing money ball and knows with his contract being Resign he can do whatever he wants to this team. Including not signing players we need and trading away the future of this team for a 1 to 2 year Rental. If I actually thought he could sign someone Anyone this team needed I would feel differently but he has shown time and time again he needs tune up Players that sometimes works out and sometimes fails miserably.

    Please Andrew take the rest of the post season off if you are at lease a little bit tempted to trade away young players that can make a difference in a few years for a Rental.

    Andrew and Cronies I will expect your Resignations on my desk in the morning.
    Dodger Blue Out!

  14. Elite prospects like Gavin Lux and Dustin May have been frequently mentioned in trade rumblings surrounding the Dodgers

    DO NOT trade away either of these players for 1 or a 2 year Rental

  15. Trading Lindor and Clevinger means the Indians are punting on a contention year and starting their rebuild a year or even two years early. They won’t do that unless it’s for a franchise-altering package of prospects that most of you do not want to see traded away. At a minimum, you’re talking about 3 or 4 Top 100 prospects, including Lux, and probably 5-6 players in all. You simply cannot acquire two front-line players in their prime with multiple years of control each AND hold back your top prospects. The other team will always walk away.

  16. Nightengale is saying the Dodgers aren’t offering Lux for Betts, but Seager. However, Lux is still what Cleveland is demanding for Lindor and they are not interested in Seager. At this point, I’d try to get Brad Hand and Betances. The only hitter worth moving guys like Lux for is Arenado. I’m not sure why Colorado would care who they traded him to. By the time the prospects they get in the deal are good enough for them to win the division, Arenado won’t be that good anymore and the Dodgers will win the NL West with or without Arenado. I’m not sure Colorado would care who wins a chip in the three years or so they are rebuilding.

  17. I think Ideal is addition by subtraction. Seeger opens SS Linder and 3 base for Muncy or Turner. Line up stronger too. 1 Linder, 2 Lux, 3Turner, 4 Bellinger, 5 Muncy, 6 Polloock, 7 erdugo, 8 Smith. I know very one dislike Pollock but owed to much money and not think Cleveland want contract. He right handed play all outfield best position left because he a injury wait happen. Peterson be traded especially new mlb rule for lefty pitcher.

  18. Stop writing about Lindor – sick and tired of your speculation and of trading Lux or Seager for him.

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