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Dodgers: Indians Reportedly Asking for Final Trade Packages in Francisco Lindor Talks

In a long and winding off-season, the Dodgers have seemingly been in on every big free agent and big name available in trade talks without much actually happening. Whether it’s been Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Mookie Betts… or Francisco Lindor, Andrew Friedman and company have their sights set high when it comes to improving upon a 106-win team.

And now we learn that the Lindor talks may be in the endgame, or at least that’s what Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is hearing.

He reported as much on Thursday in an article and filled in any blanks on MLB Network’s Hot Stove program.

“[The Cleveland Indians] have asked teams for their best and final offers so they can make an assessment this weekend on just what they want to do. Now, does this mean Lindor will definitely be traded? No, it does not mean that. But certainly, there’s a lot of talk, there’s a lot of activity… we’ve heard the teams — the Reds, the Padres, the Dodgers prominent among them … I’m not sure which direction this is going in, I’m not even sure if this is a hard deadline, but this is where the talks stand right now.”

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Of course, Los Angeles has been linked to Lindor all off-season. At times the deal reportedly has only involved Frankie, but it’s also revolved around pitchers Corey Kluber — since traded to Texas — and Mike Clevinger, whom the Dodgers are very high on. Trade packages have often centered around LA’s Minor League Player of the Year Gavin Lux, who has reportedly been labeled as mostly untouchable by Andrew Friedman.

So as the Indians seemly appear to be pushing the gas pedal in trying to accelerate trade talks, Rosenthal hears from at least one MLB executive who feels that deal before the new year doesn’t need to happen.

“I do think (the Indians) are trying to bring things to a rapid conclusion,” said one executive involved in the talks. “I’m not sure why they want to impose an artificial deadline when they may get a much better deal in January once teams have a clearer picture of what options they have.”

Rest assured that Andrew Friedman will play Cleveland’s game and submit an offer, but don’t expect him to succumb to the pressure of a rival executive. In the eyes of the LA front office, Francisco Lindor is a “nice to have, but not a need to have” player.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. “Andrew Friedman and company have their sights set high when it comes to improving upon a 106-win team.” This should be changed to say Andrew Friedman and company “APPEAR TO” have their sights set high…

    In otherwords, business as usual fans, another “BOHICA” job by the Dodger upper management ! Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy Whiskey!

  2. Dodgers get Lindor and Clevinger
    Indians get Lux Ruiz Gray and mid level pitching prospect
    1B Turner Buehler
    2B Muncy Clevinger
    SS Lindor Kershaw
    3B Seager Urias
    C Smith May
    LF Pollock/Pederson
    CF Bellinger
    RF Verdugo
    You also have Maeda Stripling and Gonslin in the BP, spot starts, or switch out whoever you want in the back end of the rotation

    1. Gotta find away to keep Lux. I am more interested in moving Pederson than I am Lux. We could lose Seager in free agency and I am not sure I want to see Turner at first or Muncy at second.

      1. If FO thinks Lux is legit, I agree, keep him. Think they need to keep Pederson to platoon with Pollock. Seager could leave for free agency in 2 years, but Downs only 21 and could be the next guy up when that time comes.


  4. I beg to differ that the Dodgers were “in on” the free agents you listed. Considering what they signed for, there’s no way the team would have been a serious contender for any of them. I like Donaldson but considering his health issues over the last few years and his age, there’s no way I’d offer him a 4 year deal. He’ll either stay in Atlanta or go to the AL where he can do some dh’ing.

    1. I concur with you on this. Just think about this though… the VERY FIRST transaction after being bounced in the 1st round of playoffs was to re-sign catcher Rocky Gale to a minor league deal. That player has to be the worst hitting catcher in the history of the game!

      1. AZUL, I have to laugh at your reference to Rocky Gale. You are correct, and it says much about this organization. Here we are talking about Lindor, Cole, and other top players, and Gale walks in and is signed. I do not see Lindor in our future. We will field a team that is one year older than the 2019 club and expect a different result. Not going to happen!!!! Meryy X-mas to you and PD Jr.!!!!!!!!!!! Go Blue!!!

  5. Although Lindor would be solving one of the 4 weaknesses the
    Dodgers have , the signing wouldn’t help them be able to match up starting pitcher wise with the Nationals, or the Yanks or the Astros, and probably the Braves. Friedman could have put the Dodgers in instant World Series contention had he got Cole,stras or wheeler.Donaldson or Lindor would have filled another couple weaknesses and all of us here would be confident, and with regained faith in Friedman. The optimism would be out the roof and no boycott in order. Too late now and we will watch yet another season pass by . everything we were saying in Sep has not changed nor has Friedman.

  6. The Indians aren’t trading Lindor or Clevinger – period. It’s like the fake going for it on 4th down to try and draw you offside. If somebody is stupid or desperate enough to give you half a minor league team of future stars, they may consider it. Otherwise they’ll hang on to them to convince potential team buyers that there’s something worth investing in. I’m sick of hearing about it. There’s actually a better chance of getting Betts in a salary dump and even a better chance at Bryant (who’s the best fit of the lot) when he gets his status squared away.

  7. Lindor ain’t gonna be in LA. Wake up! Stop entertaining silly trade ideas. With luck we end up with Ryu at a higher price, just like Kershaw. Stop the drama. We will go with the same team a year older…FO is just entertaining fans with Dodgers Nation feelings. We will play like never before and loose as usual.

  8. A whole lot of talk and a heck of a lot more nothing. My opinion, we keep a 106 win team with Ryu. Everything else is Vaseline.

  9. FO knows they will draw four million next year. Don’t fall for this FA PR bullshit.

  10. I’m with FDR. I’ll offer Lux but not May. I’m saying to Cleveland, I want Lindor and Clevinger. Here’s a list: Choose any 6: (1)Lux (2) Gray (3) Ruiz (4) One of Kiki\Taylor (5) Stripping (6) Pollock (7) Pederson (8) Ferguson (9) Rios (10) Alexander (11) Maeda (11) Garlick (12) DJ Peters (13) Floro (14) Kolarek (15) Sadler (16) Santana (17) Beaty (18) Mitchell White (19) Tyler White (20) McKinstry (21) Estevez (22) Chargois (23) Sborz (24) Vargas (25) Housse

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