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Dodgers: Austin Barnes Confirms the Source of the Famous Head Pat Celebration

The Dodgers have obviously added a new celebration in 2021. In years past, we’ve seen things like the bubble machine and a weird tongue wag make their way throughout the dugout during games. 

In 2021, it’s the head pat. The Dodgers brought it out at the beginning of the season and feels like it becomes more common with each passing game. That led many fans to wonder what the celebration meant and where it came from. Originally, players were unwilling to reveal any information about it. 

But Austin Barnes recently had a conversation with am570’s Dave Vassegh to talk about it a little. According to the Dodgers catcher, Gavin Lux was the driving force behind it, 

Gavin Lux knows what it is, he created it. Gavin is having a big influence. He’s got some swag so he started hitting the top of his head, I don’t know. Everyone just started doing it…Get the kid on the line he’ll have to explain. 

Zach McKinstry later confirmed that it was Gavin and Mookie that came up with the celebration. The two Dodgers mixed in some basketball to their celebrations because why not.

I think it was just Mookie and Gavin messing around. It’s like a basketball terminology like you’re dunking on somebody. It’s just kind of a way of showing a good play.

Dodgers announcer Joe Davis revealed on a broadcast recently that it was a basketball thing, so we already sort of knew that. And Edwin Rios had said early on in the season that he didn’t want to reveal what it was since Gavin and Mookie came up with it. 

So there you have it Dodgers fans, we finally know everything there is to know about the mysterious celebration. 

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  1. I like it…it’s like “atta boy” you did good! …
    and not like a conceited gesture when you consider batting averages, besides, it’s what all Dodger fans think when the boys in blue are successful at the plate.

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