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Dodgers: Watch Dave Roberts Hilariously Take Fly Balls in the Outfield

Dave Roberts was a pretty good outfielder back in his playing days. While he was mostly known fro his speed, the Dodgers skipper would utilize that to get to balls hit into the gap when he was in his prime. 

Doc might be in his managerial prime, but it’s safe to say his physical prime is behind him. At 48 years old, I’m sure a lot of us can relate. But that didn’t stop Doc from getting some reps in before the game on Wednesday. 

The Dodgers posted this clip of Roberts taking some fly balls in the outfield prior to the game. While we will give him some credit for catching the ball, he might be losing out on the route efficiency a little. 

Doc added in during his press conference that he “didn’t get any style points” for the catch. But Dodgers players and coaches went wild on the field when he went down to make the catch. It might not have looked pretty, but it got the job done. 

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Luckily, Justin Turner came to the defense of Roberts. JT said that they weren’t normal flyballs and that the hangtime on them was nearly 8 seconds. They certainly didn’t take it easy on the Dodgers manager!

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  1. my Congrats to JT, it takes a fan as well as a player to get some frivolous way to appreciate the Baseball game. catching the ball at the stadium is a great feeling, I caught the baseball from Bellinger on a homerun and it will always be a great memory, that includes the number 35 baseball shirt given to the fans. even though I live in Fresno, CA I have been a Dodger fan since Joe Ferguson made an out from right field. Thanks JT and also please accept my appreciation for supporting our military veterans.
    U.S. Marine retired

  2. Love it!
    I hope he gets to try and hit against Kershaw and Bauer too!
    In fact, all the players should have time trying to hit against the pitchers quite often and then comment to the pitchers about what the pitch looks like, feels like, etc. Why throw BP sessions with no one in the batter’s

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