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Dodgers: Benches Clear in Houston After Joe Kelly Gets Into it With Astros

File this one under things that you were certain would happen at some point this year. In the wake of a massive cheating scandal, tensions boiled over in the game tonight between the Astros and Dodgers.

After the Dodgers’ Joe Kelly threw behind Alex Bregman in the 6th inning, things got wild in Houston. Michael Brantley stepped on Kelly’s foot when he was covering the bag at first, and words were exchanged. Things settled down and eventually, Carlos Correa came to the plate. 

That’s where things started to head south. Correa got a few balls thrown in on his hands that he appeared to take exception to. Kelly eventually struck him out to end the threat, and the two had plenty to say to one another. Kelly appeared to be mocking Correa with crying faces on his way to the Dodgers dugout after Correa seemed less than happy about the way Kelly was pitching. 

Both dugouts started to pour out onto the field, though players sort of kept their distance. Under the new guidelines from MLB, players are not allowed to engage while on the field. It was interesting to see players barking at each other with coaches and umpires acting as gatekeepers.

While it did not result in anything more than some harsh words, things are still developing in Houston. Both the Dodgers and Astros were issued warnings in the wake of the incident. Stay tuned as the two sides keep things very interesting. 

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  1. I love Kelly right now. He wasn’t even on the 17 team yet he’s the only one who understands what needed to be done and I love his reaction too.

    1. I guess I should have read the entire sentence before I tried to correct the spelling of a word.

      “It was interesting to see players barking at each other witch coaches an umpires acting as gatekeepers.”

      I think you meant :

      “It was interesting to see players barking at each other with coaches and umpires acting as gatekeepers.”

  2. Kelly’s Red Sox lost to Houston in the AL final that same year. Nice job Joe, somebody had to do it and that was perfect.

  3. Carlos Correa is proud to be a piece of s**t, said they earned their championship. Dusty must have not heard what they told to Kelly, the man just responded in the same manor. These game’s dont mean anything, it’s not a rematch to win the WS trophy. How can you not be mad when confronting a rat that stole from you. Dodgers just have to focus on getting that championship, what the Astros did is part of MLB history for everybody to remember. Fake champs.

  4. Houston Asterisk will be remembered as Fake Champs Too bad that the No backbone Commish named Manfred let them get away with a slap on the wrist. The should be suspended like Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Black Sox Scandal. If you can let these obvious cheaters off the hook you might as well pardon Pete Rose and every cheater in baseball. I applaud Kelly now that is a guy with a backbone

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