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Dodgers: Bettor Loses Out on $150k Betting Againt the Pirates

Betting big on a regular-season baseball game just seems like a crazy thing to do. But you got to spend money to make money…or something like that. So when a bettor in Mississippi placed a $150,000 bet on the Dodgers for Tuesday night, it had to turn some heads. 

But that’s exactly what happened. Someone at the Beau Rivage Casino put down a staggering $150k on the Dodgers to cover a 2.5 run-spread against the Pirates on Tuesday night. And they lost that bet, big time. 

Had the Dodgers won by 3 or more runs, they would have walked away with $130,000 in addition to their original bet. Instead, the Pirates came out swinging in a big way against Julio Urias, putting up 4 runs on a pair of homers early on. 

To be fair, the Dodgers absolutely should have won that game. But the Pirates came out swinging and for some reason seem to have Los Angeles’ number this year. So while the bet probably should have gone their way, maybe reconsider betting on regular-season matchups. 

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The good news is that someone betting on the Dodgers to win a game in May probably can afford to shed $150k. But still…that’s gotta hurt. 

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