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Dodgers: Betts and Price Pick Their Jersey Numbers

The deal that Dodgers fans patiently waited all winter for has finally come to fruition. It may not have been the deal we all expected, but it is certainly the best-case scenario. On Tuesday, Mookie Betts and David Price got their Dodgers white’s ready to go with a jersey number picked out.

If this video doesn’t get you hyped for 2020, then nothing will. Mookie stays familiar with his number 50 that he wore all six seasons in Boston. David Price went another direction, choosing number 33 after wearing 14, 24, and 10 in his 12-year big league career.

While it remains to be seen how long Betts and Price will be in Los Angeles, it is incredibly exciting to have them now. And Dodgers fans are not the only ones excited about the opportunity to see them play at Chavez Ravine. Andrew Friedman- the Dodgers’ president of baseball operations- might be just as excited as us.

When it comes to Mookie, it’s definitely the best player I ever have traded for. And probably, he’s the best player I ever will trade for. In regards to David [Price], I have a lot of history with him. I have a ton of respect for him and the way he competes, so it’s going to be good to be back together with him. He’s one of the best teammates I have ever been around. So both those guys are going to add a lot not just on the field, but also in our clubhouse.

There just seems to be a different feeling in the air after a slightly disappointing offseason. And with pitchers and catchers reporting this week, it could not have come at a better time. It’s a good time to be a Dodger fan ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Hopefully, number 50 + 33 = 1 (World Series Championship ) or more We can only hope that #50 is amenable to 1 big contract extension on the heels of a memorable post season. Price simply needs to pitch like he did against us in 2018. Roberts simply needs to resist pitching Kershaw in relief. Please.

  2. “after a slightly disappointing offseason.” That is the understatement of the year. Really it should be stated that Part one of the off season-the Winter Meetings and Free Agency was horribly disappointing, especially after Stan Kasten ipoen his pie hole and told every one remaining competitive and filling Dodger Stadium was more important than winning the WS.

    However, Part two, the Pre-Spring Run-up to the start of the Season has been highly entertaining and worth while except for the Red Sox shake down over whom they were getting and the BS about medical information which caused Artie Moreno to have a dumbass attack over the great deal he was getting: another slugging outfielder and a decent pitcher to put in his starting rotation at low cost to him. Some guys don’t know a good thing when they have it and would rather stut their strut then help their team, Anthony Rendon not inclusive. Iy is funny though tha he didn’t want to come to the Dodgers because of the “Hollywood” thing yet he landed right in the middle of a little Peyton Place.

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