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Dodgers Big Move Would Need To Be Trade, Ken Rosenthal Says on MLB Network

Without question, the eyes of baseball are waiting on the Los Angeles Dodgers to make a move. Still, time is running out to make a splash of some type before the regular season starts.

As Ken Rosenthal points out on MLB Network, the Dodgers will need to broker a trade to get this marquee move done. Since most of the impact free agents are gone – and he still mentions Josh Donaldson – the guys who would make a difference on the Dodgers are only available via trade.

Take a look at the entire segment below:

First, Rosenthal mentions many of the names we have traced over and covered a few times. Interestingly, he points out that Kris Bryant may get increased interest once his service time issue is resolved.

“We know that most of the major free agents are gone. Now there are still a number of trade possibilities. Lindor, Mookie Betts, Arenado who is a long shot considering the Rockies aren’t going to want to trade him within the division. I’ll throw one more name in there – Kris Bryant – who is awaiting the resolution of a service time grievance. Once that is resolved, the Cubs might get more active in the discussions about him.”

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Next, Rosenthal says that he doubts the Dodgers would give Donaldson the four years he can get elsewhere. What this means is someone credible probably told Rosenthal that, or it’s a pretty good guess at why Donaldson to the Dodgers seems on hold. The last part of this quote, is the interesting part. What would a fourth year of Donaldson really cost Los Angeles? Would it be at the expense of anything? Do you even want Josh Donaldson?

“Keep in mind Josh Donaldson would be a possibility as well, although I don’t think the Dodgers would necessarily want to go four years. At the same time, all he costs is money.”

Rosenthal’s final stanza traces over Stan Kasten’s mandate that the Dodgers will start the postseason with a different set of players then they have now. Which brings me to an interesting thought I will get to after the quote.

“The Dodgers still have a big move left in them, and as Kasten said; he would be surprised if the team they have now is the team they start the postseason with. And they are still overwhelming the division favorites.”

Now this might sound crazy, but is it a little presumptive for Kasten to say the Dodgers will start the postseason with different players in January? After an off-season where the biggest addition is Blake Treinen? Let me know your thoughts on this, and Rosenthal’s comments below.

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  1. Clint, IT IS presumptive to be talking about a possible post season roster. Last I checked, 162 regular season games must be played first and Dodgers are not a lock for October as it is, WSS About Arenado, keep in mind that he has A FULL NO TRADE CLAUSE in his deal, meaning he chooses the place to go should he be the subject of a trade. The Rockies HAVE to know this and my guess is Arenado would wave his full no trade clause to go to Dodgers. Rockies also must know that Arenado most likely will opt out after the 2021 season and could very well end up signing with the Dodgers in any event.

  2. My prediction:
    Kris Bryant to Dodgers for Cory Seager and Tony Gonsolin.

    Mookie Betts and David Price to Dodgers for Joc Pederson, DJ Peter’s, Ross Stripling, Keibert Ruiz and Mitchell White.

  3. Ralph,
    I’m sorry but that first trade is a horrid idea. Seager is better than Bryant alone and you want to add A possible starter fin Gonsolin as well. NOOOOOOO:((

    Second trade is doable but I would want a wink wink from Betts that we will be getting him to re up with us or else we wasted a valuable trade chip in Ruiz.

    1. Second trade is non-starter as well unless the Red Sox pick up most of Price’s contract which is the only reason they would make the trade in the first place.

  4. Price is pretty much used up had not much value any more. They need a younger more reliable starter. Betts not worth it unless he signs a extension imediately.

  5. What is Rosenthal saying that everyone doesn’t already know? What’s the point, except to meet a publishing deadline and nothing substantial to say?!

    1. No deadline, just want to cover every morsel we find in a timely so you don’t have to dig.

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