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Dodgers Part Owner Discusses Player Payroll and Spending Outlook

Without question, the luxury tax is no stranger to conversation amongst Los Angeles Dodgers fans and the organization in general. Of course in recent years the Dodgers have remained under the tax. However recently a report that ownership imposed no spending limit on the front office brought some hope that the Dodgers would swoon the prize free agent or two.

Now that it hasn’t happened, part owner Stan Kasten is addressing the issue with a few key quotes to the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke. When Kasten has something to say – you might not always like it – but it’s typically worth the read. Therefore, let’s do this one right.

Notably, Kasten says that there was never a mandate from ownership on the luxury tax. Furthermore, Kasten doesn’t understand why it’s such a topic of discussion in the first place.

“Two years ago, it was important, even though it was never a mandate. Last year was less important. This year, there’s no real need for that. Last year we did reach out in a couple of respects that would have blown past the CBT, like Bryce Harper. … Why it seems to be such a flashpoint here befuddles me. … Obviously, the Gerrit Cole thing would have caused us to blow past it.”

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Equally important, Kasten acts like something is coming with his next quote. Then he says that the team will be well over the luxury tax. Quickly, he says just ‘somewhat over’ within the same quote that reads a little humorous.

“The team we have now is not going to be the team we have to start the postseason. I expect that team, this year, it looks like it’s going to be well over the CBT, or somewhat over.”

Whether or not the player or players are identified by the front office to carry the Dodgers over the tax threshold remains to be seen. Still, Kasten is adamant that there is no spending limit; and something is coming in the way of impact for the Dodgers.

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  1. I hope he isn’t just blowing more hot air. I’ve been one of the guys very critical of Guggenheim on twitter. I would like very much for them to prove me wrong. Time will tell. He always says the team you see now isn’t the team you sill see come the postseason. Last year no impact move was made at the trade deadline (setup man) and against the Nationals it cost the team in game 5.

  2. I don’t know, Kirk. He’d probably try to put sanctions on the other team owners. When that failed, he’d try tariffs. And when that only made things worse, he’d probably try bombing one of the other team owners. Then all hell would break loose and Trump would grab whatever money he could and take off, leaving the Dodgers in bankruptcy. Just like he did with those companies of his. Just like he’s in the process of doing with America.

      1. I might say something here if the premse wasn’t so silly in the first place… Sounds a bit like something Nancy “I never met a TV camera I didn’t like” Pelosi of the great state of California or Chuckles “I can’t keep my story lines straight” Schumer might say… If nothng else it provided some comic relief….

    1. Buzz, that’s exactly what’s already being done with this team! Sanctions have been put on teams letting them know we won’t trade. Things are worse.The way they operate is like they’ re bankrupt. They are grabbing all money they can, locking us out of T.V. viewing! Kasten is shift, and Friedman is Pelosi! And their Russia is Boris!!!!! You had it, just backwards…

    2. Buzz, it sounds as if you have drank the Kool-Aide politically as well as with the pablum Kasten is spewing. Ownership is counting on folks like you to not question them and to continue to pay the escalating prices to watch/attend the games. You can tell how they feel about the fans when sixty percent are unable to watch the Dodgers on TV while they rack in almost $350 million per year with the second richest TV contract in baseball.

  3. Let’s face it, the Dodgers have become the Dallas Cowboys of baseball. They both have big mouth owners who aren’t trusted by their fan bases, are profit focused franchises and are in the midst of a championship drought.

  4. No matter how many titles Houston and Washington might win, they can only dream of making the money Guggenheim is making. While Dodger fans look at the sports section for news, Dodgers ownership is only in the business section. Friedman is always smiling because he has done exactly what he was hired to do, and that is to have the Dodgers be competitive and cut payroll.

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