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Dodgers CEO Thinks it Will Take Years for the Team to Catch Up From Lost Revenue

The Dodgers have led all of baseball in attendance every year since 2013. They averaged over 49,000 fans per game in 2019 and saw a total of close to 4 million fans come through the turnstiles at Chavez Ravine that year as well.

So when the government shut down spectator sports and baseball was forced to play without fans, the Dodgers lost a major source of income. In fact, they lost north of $100 million in potential revenue, according to team President Stan Kasten. He recently made an appearance with CNBC and discussed how their losses compared to the rest of the league.

Our missed revenue will be as much as any team, or more because we have so many fans and we take in so much revenue in an ordinary year. Most of that we didn’t receive this year…It’s extraordinary. It’s certainly not anything that anyone could plan for. It’s going to take years to catch up. But we’ve managed. We’ve come through it so far. Hopefully, the end of this will be found before we have to start next season.

The loss of revenue is sure to play a role in the 2021 season and beyond. That alone could lead to a strange free agent class, as well as the possibility of not seeing some minor league players returning. But add in the fact that COVID restrictions could carry over into 2021, and you might have a disaster for the Dodgers. 

The Dodgers had the second-highest payroll in baseball with the Yankees coming in first. While that payroll could be drastically changed next year, not having fans again would be tough. Let’s hope we can get things figured out before the start of the 2021 season. 

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  1. So much for a dynasty then. At least we got a championship with these guys before we lose them all

  2. No sympathy to Kasten & co, many of us have lost our jobs, homes, family and you, think: “it Will Take Years for the Team to Catch Up From Lost Revenue.”
    You and the rest of Guggenheim will do just fine. Your upgrades to Dodger Stadium and the hundred plus millions the last 3 years??, Yeah its nice, but don’t fool me, in which you keep saying, “that you did it for the fans.” You did it for you, to make more $$$.

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