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Dodgers: Charles Barkley Gets Slammed By LA Faithful After Los Angeles’ Comeback Win

The Dodgers completed an epic comeback on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. After falling behind early 5-2 in the game, Los Angeles came storing back and won 6-2 after a big hoemrun from Cody Bellinger. That kept them in the race in the NLCS and protected them from being down 3 games to none in the series. 

Just down the road, the Lakers were playing their home opener at Staples Center. That set the stage for NBA Charles Barkley to really look like a fool in front of both Dodgers and Lakers fans. Barkley had some trash talk for LA early when they were down to the Braves. 

On the broadcast, Chuck checked the score of the Dodgers and Braves. After finding out Los Angeles was down early to Atlanta, Barkley proudly proclaimed that they would sweep the Dodgers. That came back to haunt him and fans outside of Staples Center did not let him forget it.  

It’s only fitting that Shaq led the chant outside of Staples to blast Barkley. And while the Lakers did not win their home opener against the Warriors, the Dodgers came through. They kept themselves from needing to win 4-straight and carry a lot of momentum going into the final 2 games of the series in LA. 

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Next up, the Dodgers have Julio Urias going in Game 4 on Wednesday. He gets the ball just days after appearing in relief for Los Angeles in Game 2, during which he gave up a pair of runs before the Braves walked it off in the 9th inning. 

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  1. Barkley simply stated what many a fan was thinking down 5-2. The end was around the corner and now that they gave an offensive rebound they’ll go limp again for two games. It seems to be their standing operational procedure. The only chance the Dodgers have is to win the next two @ home and hope the cycle of offense arises in Atlanta.

      1. Even Roberts admitted that he and the dugout felt they were dead in the water. It’s OK to feel all is lost when it looks inevitable, and it’s OK to find renewed vigor from a changing moment. Not a Debbie Downer, just looking at the pending reality and hoping like any other that something happens. The one not being truthful is the one who denies having doubt seep into their mind.

  2. Brook, spellcheck broke? Barkley should stick to commenting on Basketball! Wtf does he know about baseball?

  3. It seems over the course of the past few years, the broadcasting crews (playoffs/WS) assigned to the Dodgers have been quite inept and in some cases seem to be rooting for the opposing team.

    It also feels like the crews are the second stringers…. same with the NHL. The west plays second fiddle to the east.

    I’d love for someone to bring in Jon Miller of the SF Giants. Easy voice, smart, factual and calls ‘the game’. Of course, all of us would want ‘one more game’ with Vinny, alas I think the ship has left the dock….

    Good luck Boys in Blue tonight!!!!

  4. Love Barkley! He just said what a Dodger fans were thinking too. It was looking bleak, Dodger dugout looked beaten, fans were leaving Dodger stadium…

    Then the 8th inning happened 🙂

  5. Give e a break! A third of the fans were gone by the 7th inning so many Angelino’s thought the Dodgers were dead also. I’m a Dodger and Barkley fan.

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