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Dodgers: Check Out Joc Pederson’s Ridiculous Shoe Collection

When most players finally make it to the big leagues, there’s always one big thing they make their first purchase on. For some players, it’s a house to finally live in after bouncing around hotels in the minor leagues, especially if you’re in the Dodgers organization. For others, maybe it’s a car for the player’s mom or parents. 

But for Joc Pederson, it’s likely that it was a pair of shoes. That would by my guess, as the Dodgers’ outfielder has seemed to have an affinity for shoes long before his arrival in Los Angeles. Ever since his call up with the big league squad back in 2014, Pederson seems to be cracking open a new box of kicks every day.

The latest video of Joc with B/R Kicks confirms that theory. Pederson goes into his closet to show off his shoe collection, pulling out some of his favorites. And we should clarify that when we say closet, we actually mean a full room disguised as a closet. 

Joc even shows off one of his favorites pair of Kobe’s in “Grinch” green. He has a ton of Jordans as well, some Supremes, Travis Scott SBs, and so many more. The Dodgers outfielder also talked about being able to bond over shoes and how they tie everything together when he doesn’t have to wear cleats. 

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