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Dodgers City Connect Jerseys Potentially Leaked, And Fans Are Not Happy

Eight teams in Major League Baseball have joined the 2024 Nike City Connect series of home uniforms that are designed to represent the history and culture of each teams’ city. A sneak peek of the potential City Connect uniform for the Dodgers has been circulating on social media, and fans are sharing their honest opinions on it.

On a currently active poll on Dodgers Nation’s X page, over 2,000 fans have already weighed in, with nearly 75 percent of them saying they don’t like the jerseys.

Fans’ opinions have ranged all over though, with some saying they like they new potential City Connect jerseys.

A lot of others did not like the jerseys very much. Here were some of the best responses.

It’s not yet known if these are the Dodgers’ City Connect jerseys for the 2024 season, but if they are, Paul Lukas of says they will be officially unveiled sometime in mid-June.

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  1. Anything is better than those all blue ones that looked like a janitors uniform!……I have nothing against janitors but how about making baseball uniforms look like baseball!

    1. So, you have a problem with the long blue underwear?

      All the city connects are horrible only a few are okay at best. This whole city connect has been a disaster.

      How do you even connect to a city’s history without offending someone. Wokeness has made this a big problem because you cannot tell the truth anymore.

      1. This Woke thing has nothing to do with this. Woke is an unfortunate term for those who are aware, interested in truth, facts, fairness, caring, etc. Telling the truth is actually a large part of the Woke thing.
        As far as the city connect is concerned, yeah I think it’s kind of a dumb idea but I’m not actually opposed to it. I just hope they come up with some better uniforms.

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