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More Dodger Fans Than Giants Fans Are Expected To Attend Series In San Francisco: Report

Dodger fans are no stranger to San Francisco’s Oracle Park when their favorite rivalry is afoot. Of course, Giants fans are no less passionate about their side of the historic matchup. Attendance is typically high, fans on both sides are loud, and the sooner alcohol is no longer on sale, the better.

In recent history, few would entertain that Dodger fans might outnumber Giants fans in San Francisco. The Giants sold out 530 consecutive home games over the span of eight seasons (2010-17), a National League record. The team has struggled in recent seasons — 2021 aside — and sellouts are no longer an everyday occurrence.

In response, the Giants will apparently do anything to boost ticket sales, up to and including using the Dodgers’ star player in promotional content. It’s perhaps no coincidence that the Giants are reportedly expecting more visiting fans during the three-game series that begins tonight.


SFGATE reached out to Vivid Seats, the ticket marketplace that estimates the crowds at sporting events using “an algorithm that explores our proprietary data.” According to its “Fan Forecast,” Vivid Seats expects more Dodgers fans to be in attendance for the three games scheduled May 13-15 than Giants fans. As of May 10, the Fan Forecast projection is that 52% of fans heading to the games this week will be Dodgers fans. The prediction has been consistent, too: SFGATE has reached out to Vivid Seats three times over the last few weeks. On April 24, the split was 53% Dodgers fans; on May 9, it was 51%.


The Giants pursued free agent two-way player Shohei Ohtani in free agency this past offseason. Despite reportedly offering the same 10-year, $700 million contract with deferrals as the Dodgers (and Toronto Blue Jays), Ohtani chose the Dodgers over San Francisco. Recently, the Giants used Ohtani’s expected arrival to promote their three-game series against the Dodgers. Were they expecting a better turnout from home fans?

The relationship between home-field advantage and team performance in baseball is weaker than in other professional sports, according to the Chicago Booth Review. Just because Dodger fans pack the house, it’s no guarantee of on-field success.

Still, the atmosphere will make for a unique chapter in baseball’s most intense, storied rivalry.

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