Dodgers Clayton Kershaw 2020 Postseason Highlights: Finally Over the Hump!

Dodger legend, Clayton Kershaw, has had a few disappointments in his recent postseason history and many were wondering if he would ever get to add “World Series Champion” to his list of accomplishments. With the future hall-of-famer being in the later years of his career, most thought that he was done but then, 2020 happened and Kersh rose to the occasion every time.

LA has made an appearance in the World Series three out of the last four years and up until 2020 the title has eluded the storied franchise. There’s no question Clayton’s leadership and performances undoubtedly helped pave the way to the trophy.

In recent years the narrative hasn’t been too kind to the long-time starter but, this year, the year of uncertainty and improbabilities, he shut all that negativity down. Congratulations to the World Series Champ!

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  1. We are truly blessed with Clayton in our rotation. The pundits blamed him for relievers after him in the post season allowing inherited runners to score more than once. And Clayton accepted full responsibility. But now he has just come off a successful post season with a World Series title. He is on top of the leader board in strikeouts. And also is up there in wins. He is #5 in wins. He could move to #2 his next post season. This last post season showed how things could be if he doesn’t have to carry the whole load. Anyway, let’s stand behind Clayton. And shoot for a contract extension. And more trips to the World Series!

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