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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Describes a Surprising Phone Call He Got Following the World Series Win

Winning a World Series is bound to have any player or coach getting congratulatory texts and phone calls for weeks. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is certainly experiencing that having just won the organization’s first championship since 1988. 

Talking on the Rich Eisen Show this past week, Roberts revealed some of the people that have reached out to him on the Dodgers win. One phone call in particular meant the world to him. When asked by Eisen what the most surprising and best call he got, Doc had a quick answer.  

You know what, Cito Gaston. That was such a great call that I got. And I remember being in college watching the Blue Jays and win in back-to-back and I played with Alomar. Just kind of seeing him as an African American manager who won it. And for him to kind of watch me from afar, there was a great article in the post and for him to reach out by voicemail, that was really really cool. I was really grateful for that one because we have no connection, no tie outside of being black men who managed Major League Baseball clubs that won a championship, so that was really cool. 

Cito Gaston was a big-league manager from 1989 to 1997, and then again from 2008 to 2010. Gaston managed the Blue Jays for his entire career and took home back-to-back World Series titles in ’92 and ’93. Despite having almost no connection to Roberts at all, Gaston still decided to reach out to the Dodgers manager. 

Roberts also said that the other great call that he got was from Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax. That one makes a little more sense given that Koufax is still a part of the organization. Koufax also makes appearances at nearly every Spring Training in an instructing capacity. 

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