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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Answers if it was Easier to Win With No Cheaters

The Dodgers won the 2020 World Series on Tuesday, their first since 1988. Of course, in the eyes of many, this could or should have been the club’s second in 4 years. While the 2018 Dodgers were a fine club, the 2017 squad was almost a team of destiny. Frustratingly, that destiny was rewritten thanks to shenanigans and outright cheating on the part of the Houston Astros.

And, because we know there will be Astros fans up in the comments here, your team was found guilty. It’s been written and confirmed. And no, Justin Turner’s actions following Tuesday night’s win in no way shape or form compares to cheating. Blatant cheating. So kindly remove yourself from here and have a bad day.

That 2017 robbery of a fair fight will likely always follow the Dodgers and the players from that team. In fact, days after finally winning a title and righting the ship as it were, LA ace Clayton Kershaw had to face an indirect question about that cheating team.

On with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, the talk show host snuck in a gem of a question for the left-hander. “Was it easier to win a World Series where the other team isn’t cheating?” It’s safe to say the question caught Kersh a little off guard.

“Well,” Kershaw says as he breaks into laughter, “I guess so. We won! So it must have been easier!”

Notably, Cody Bellinger, also on the call confirms Clayton’s statement with an “I’d say so.”

Certainly, there will be more pressing questions for the team and it’s players to answer in the coming weeks, but we can all appreciate the dig set up by Jimmy Kimmel.


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  1. Here comes RC with his baseless conspiracy lol he just hides in the shadows waiting for articles like this

  2. The Ass-t**s were BLATANT CHEATERS and the only thing worse was that Commissioner Dimwit let all the players off for cheating while only sanctioning their manager and GM. But I see he let their cheater coach take over the hapless Detroit Tigers where he will now be motivated to find other ways to cheat if he is going to win there. Once a cheater always a cheater. Baseball should make them all sign an oath that if they ever get caught for cheating again, they and their contracts should be suspended for 10 years and they not be allowed to play ball for anyone in any country! Houston won by being losers. That tells you all you need to know about those guys and their organization!

    1. Hinch wasn’t a cheater, but a wimp who wouldn’t stand up to his own bench coach and players. No cojones. Not manager material.

  3. If a baseball player would have batted 400 this season, would it have counted in history as a real 400 season? If a player would have won the Triple Crown this year, would it have been considered the same as a real Triple Crown?

    Both of these are absolutely not.

    So did the Dodgers win the World Series?


    They won an alternative tournament created specifically for the 2020 season that we just named the World Series.

    You don’t have to like this. But fact of the matter is they played 35% of a full season…. I’ll just give one quick example and that name is Kershaw. Look I Kershaw history durability & even ability,  when a full MLB season is at stake.

    1. So, should ALL other seasons put a Asterisk on them since they ALL had days off between flights and rest? All the other series didn’t have a extra Playoff team to contend with either. There were NO days off between games,back to back.. So the answer is NO , who knows if those teams were built to endure such a grind….Dodgers would kick even more gluteus if they days to rest…..

    2. The team that immediately comes to mind is most certainly the 2017 Houston Astros, but that is another post. Truncated season or not, the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series. All teams still had an equal chance to win the most games during the regular season (but the Dodgers, AGAIN, had the best record in baseball) and teams still had opportunity to compete for a Wild Card to play in the postseason (something we did not need to do.) Yes, the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series. If any other team, including the one you are affiliated with, had done so you would likely be validating it right now. Get over it…yawning….”you do not have to like this” but the Dodgers are the 2020 World Series Champions!!! No matter what, you will not be able to take that away from any of us.

    3. CJ, let me guess. You are an Asstro fan that shares your team’s guilt and shame. Much of your comment is incoherent, which is no surprise, given the state of your emotions. What did you even mean when you wrote: “Look I Kershaw history durability & even ability, when a full MLB season is at stake”. ????

      You obviously don’t even know how to calculate a simple percentage, either.

    4. Hitting 400 or winning the triple crown are longevity awards – sustained excellent for a 162 games. Is there any doubt the Dodgers would have won their division regardless of the number of games? The Dodgers won the title in a playoff format that made the run the most difficult in MLB history (13 games) and matched them against the best challengers in every round. So yeah, the Dodgers won the World Series and then some. Please go back to posting on Astro sites and stop your foolishness here.

  4. Yep! It’s a real World Series win. The simple fact is the Dodgers put up 13 wins, that was more than the other 15 teams in the postseason, including the Houston Asterisks who only put together 8 postseason wins over a 29-31 losing season. That is all that they could cobble up without their trash can chorus playing in the background. No accolades are due the Ass’s, but a hat’s off salute could be offered to Dusty Baker for apparently containing this teams cheatin’ ways.

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