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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger Amongst Top 20 In MLB Jersey Sales

MLB jersey sales are a key unit of measure in term’s of a player’s league-wide popularity and marketability. The Dodgers are fortunate enough to call two players on the 2018 top-20 list their own, according to Clayton Kershaw and Cody Bellinger ranked fourth and 15th respectively, giving the Dodgers some mainstream star power.

It is interesting to note that neither player was named an All-Star in 2018, and neither figures to win any awards in league voting when the season concludes.

Here is a full listing of the top 20 players in MLB jersey sales for 2018:

1. Aaron Judge, Yankees
2. Jose Altuve, Astros
3. Javier Báez, Cubs
4. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
5. Mookie Betts, Red Sox
6. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs
7. Kris Bryant, Cubs
8. Shohei Ohtani, Angels
9. Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees
10. Yadier Molina, Cardinals
11. Mike Trout, Angels
12. Buster Posey, Giants
13. Bryce Harper, Nationals
14. Freddie Freeman, Braves
15. Cody Bellinger, Dodgers
16. Andrew Benintendi, Red Sox
17. George Springer, Astros
18. Francisco Lindor, Indians
19. Carlos Correa, Astros
20. Ronald Acuna Jr., Braves

When you look at the names up and down the list, it’s easy to see where the eyes of fans are attracted. This provides a spatial-awareness that yes; the Dodgers have two of the marquee stars in all of baseball wearing their uniform.

I guess to me, one of the most surprising names still on the list is Buster Posey, along with Yadier Molina. Still, these are two examples of what winning breeds: lifelong allegiance and relevance to that product. Both of these jerseys figure to be classics to own even after Posey and Molina are done playing.

Moreover, it remains to be seen if the same will play out for Kershaw and Bellinger. By comparison, both are on the right track to remain fixtures in this category. That said, a championship run would help cement their place in history and in any fan’s memory bank.

If I’m buying my first authentic in about a decade – it’s hard to argue with either of these two as the candidate.

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