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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Comically Announces Retirement from Pinch Running

Clayton Kershaw has built a reputation as one of the most competitive players in major league baseball. Whether he’s striking out opposing hitters or fielding a comebacker to the mound, Kershaw always gives it his all.

That also held true whenever Kershaw was in the batter’s box. That’s past tense since, with the universal DH now in play, Clayton’s days of swinging the stick are effectively over. In an interview with AM570’s David Vassegh this week, the lefty also announced his retirement as the Dodgers emergency pinch-runner.

“I think my time has come where I am officially retired of the pinch-runner.. I know, I know. I think Tony Gonsolin might be our pinch-runner pitcher, if it ever came to that, but if it ever came to that we’ve got some real issues anyway. I’m going to give that to Tony. He deserves it, he wins. He gets to do it now.”

The 34-year-old did say that he’s ready and willing to come in as an emergency bunter. 

“I’ll lay down a bunt, but if it comes to that, we’ve got real issues in the game itself with the DH. I’m not expecting to pick up the old bat anytime soon.”

To his credit, Kershaw was a plus-hitter by pitcher standards. For his career, the three-time Cy Young winner owns a .162 average and 40 RBI. His lone home run came on Opening Day 2013 off of the Giants Madison Bumgarner in a game where Kershaw threw a complete game shutout.

Don’t worry Dodgers fans, Kershaw is retiring, just not from pitching.

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  1. Actually, Clayton is an excellent bunter. But with the DH, it would still be to our advantage to have a pitcher take an at bat to bunt rather than use a batter.

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