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Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Disrespected by Diamondbacks Team Store

The Arizona Diamondbacks are still riding high from their 2023 National League pennant run, which included an NL Division Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. They are celebrating with a new item for sale in their team store.

In a social media post, it was highlighted that the D-backs are selling photos of Clayton Kershaw from the NLDS. The moment that was captured? The last time Dodgers fans saw Kershaw pitch, a scene from the first inning of Game 1 when the future Hall of Famer was shelled by the D-backs for six runs.

Kershaw returned to the Dodgers after signing a one-year contract with an option for 2025. He had offseason surgery to repair the glenohumeral ligaments and capsule in his left shoulder. His best-case scenario is a return to the mound in July.

Kershaw recently spoke with media members and said he has been ramping up the intensity in his throwing program, hoping to be throwing off a mound at “some point in May.”

Jack Harris of the Los Angeles wrote on Twitter/X that Kershaw said he’s feeling good about his recovery so far. The left-hander is throwing from up to 120 feet in long toss. Manager Dave Roberts also believes Kershaw is “ahead of things” timetable-wise. The next step for him will be throwing bullpens.

Kershaw has spent his entire professional career with the Dodgers and is looking ahead to the next milestone in his career: joining the 3,000-strikeout club. He is currently sitting at 2,944 and should be able to reach his goal this year if all goes according to plan.

If Kershaw comes back in July, he might have a chance to pitch during the Dodgers’ three-game road series in Phoenix starting Aug. 30. That is the last series for the two teams during the regular season.

Photo Credit: Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY Network

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Maren Angus

Maren Angus-Coombs was born in Los Angeles and raised in Nashville, Tenn. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and has been a sports writer since 2008. Despite being raised in the South, her sports obsession has always been in Los Angeles. She is currently a staff writer for Dodgers Nation and the LA Sports Report Network.


  1. While the Dodgers continue to be the CLASS of MLB, Phoenix continues to prove otherwise and “guard” their pool.

  2. So, let’s try to understand this. A team that made it into the playoffs as the #6 seed, finishing 16 games behind our beloved dodgers, goes on to sweep LA, set up by their 6 run first inning blowout vs. Kershaw and handing him both his shortest playoff outing AND a 162.0 (yea, you read that right) ERA, and somehow a picture capturing the moment is disrespectful? What’s disrespectful is this team losing its last 6 NLDS games to teams that we dominated in the regular season but that played better when it mattered…the playoffs. They should celebrate their victory in just about any way possible. It’s this kind of silliness and false outrage, all 100% misapplied and inappropriate, that gives LA and their fans a bad rep. I’m not going to whine about another team beating us when it counts and celebrating that victory. I am going to complain about LA not playing up to its capability year in and year out in the playoffs. No one cares about 100+ win seasons (4 in a row with absolutely nothing to show for any of them), but those wins brings expectations of playoff success. As they should. Play better when it counts and write better than this nonsense.

    1. YES IT IS DISRESPECTFUL. KERSHAW IS A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER and for the Diamondbacks to hang on to one game like it was their World Championship is LOW CLASS. The year the Dodgers cliched the league championship in their pool at their stadium was a one and done event. The Dodgers didn’t print T-shirts of that for everyone to wear… They moved on. Too bad Arizona can’t move on…. What will they do if Kershaw punks them this year? Show him crying again? Low class is LOW CLASS, right up there with the disAsros of 2017 or the Padres refusing to sell tickets to Dodger Fans….

  3. In 2023, the Dodgers entered the playoffs with one – only one – of their opening day starter in the rotation – an injured Clayton Kershaw. Yes, the position players also faltered. but with a full starting rotation the result would have been much different.

    1. You mean, the lineup that helped get us to 100 wins? That lineup? And a different result, like what, 2022 or 2021 or 2019….bottom line is they under perform in the playoffs and there are expectations with a team that wins 100+ games 4 full seasons in a row (first time in MLB history), only to bow out in the NLDS 3 of those years. My confidence in a different result is way lower than yours. 2022, 22 games back and dominated the Padres all season, yet the only pitcher we beat vs San Diego was their #4 against our #1. Pathetic results when it matters.

  4. It’s rude and it’s tacky. Celebrate your victory, not someone else’s loss. Do a poster of the final score on the scoreboard or something. But as passionate as some can get about the game, it’s a Baseball game and pitcher, not nuclear war or a cure for cancer, so not really that big a deal. Just poor form.

    Might be a little different if Clayton was an obnoxious in your face, I’m better than you are type of guy, but he’s not.

  5. So sensitive. It’s just part of the game. At least the Dodgers will not have to throw Kershaw in Game 1’s anymore. With that, they will actually succeed in the postseason this year.

    1. It is part of the game. Don’t want to see it, do better instead of habitually failing every year in the playoffs. Kershaw should have NEVER started that game. He was compromised with his injury. Miller should have started game 1 instead of what ended up being an in the crucible must win game 2.

  6. Who cares!
    D-backs are snakes literally and figuratively! They have been around since what 1998? …noobs in every way still. Bow down to the teams that are 100+ years older than you puds! 1 W. S. win in out of what 4 – 5 visits… lol. Let these guys grovel in their W.S. loss last year by showing their low self esteem in pics of other teams. .. sucks to be them.

    1. You tell em S T !!!
      And yet they do care. Interesting huh?
      Dodgers biggest problem? THEY CHOKE. Biggest payroll, most regular season wins yes. But when the chips are down, they have a horrible record and reputation of choking. Maybe they should be looking to spend more money on field management? YES, I think this should be considered.
      As for the picture in the D-Backs team shop, if showing an actual picture of the action on the field is disrespectful, then AGAIN maybe it’s time for the Dodgers to hire a better coaching staff and teach the players to perform better under the pressure of the playoffs and break the long standing record of Dodger CHOKING!

      1. Then maybe they should disrespect the whole team not just one play!!! The whole team lost, not just Kershaw. Also 29 other teams didn’t win the World Series where are there pictures? Including the Diamond Backs.

        1. This fake outrage is just weak. For over a decade, he’s been the face of the franchise. That picture encapsulates that entire series. Don’t whine, expect your team to do better.

  7. “But many human beings do take pleasure in inflicting pain on others, and those who have the least to be proud of or to be happy about are often the ones who take that pleasure most.”

    — Jonathan Kozol

    1. This is not as bad as the Padres showing Kershaw squirting tears on the Jumbotron at the stadium. It is a pretty iconic picture showing the emotions of defeat. Once you see it you never forget it. I bet you Kershaw has one hanging somewhere just to remind himself.

  8. Thats what happens when the spoiled rotten brat gets a job in the family shop.

    1. Wait a minute, didn’t the D-Backs over-achieve and at least make it to the world series rather than under-perform…again?

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