Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Has Not Given in to The Tiger King… Yet

As we move into week five with no baseball and week four since we missed opening day, there’s one thing on all our minds…

Tiger King.

With nothing better to do, many folks have tuned in to the Netflix series about “Murder, Meyhem and Madness”. But don’t count Clayton Kershaw among them.

The Dodgers ace explains.

I haven’t succumb to the Tiger King yet… I’m getting some serious pressure — everybody’s talking about how, how entertaining it is. I haven’t given in yet, but you know, another month of being home, you know we might be on that.

Smart man.

Assuredly by now you’ve either watched or have told to you have to watch the Netflix series. Moreover, as SportsNet LA anchor John Hartung notes, the program has afflicted Kershaw’s Dodger teammates and front office personal, with All-Star third baseman Justin Turner leading in the charge.

In fact, Turner was something of a viral celebrity last week after a message on the video service Cameo sent to him revealed exclusive news that a Netflix production crew would be putting together one more bonus episode for fans.

So there you have it… these are the times we live in. Clayton Kershaw is home in April and talking about not watching the Tiger King.

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