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MLB News: Proposed All-Arizona Idea Would Not Be for the Entire Season

Baseball in Arizona only. How about Arizona and Florida? Or baseball in Japan? MLB is doing its part to think outside the box to get America’s pastime back in front of the people’s eyes, this we know.

When further discussing the all-Arizona MLB season concept, ESPN’s Jeff Passan says don’t expect these ideas to last all season long…

But there are hurdles to consider.

The hope is that this starts off as a ‘biosphere’ and eventually we get to the point in this country through testing and through anti-body testing and through understanding a little better what the coronavirus exactly is — that they can move beyond this biosphere and go back to their cities.

Early reports already stated that any potential plan where baseball is once again being played would be contingent on proper and hasty testing for COVID-19. Assumably, players are in better physical condition than the average Joe, and importantly have age on their side. However, coaches and essential baseball personnel would be at a higher risk thus making the need to assure frequent testing for all a requirement before anything.

Even in the bio-dome.

Passan continues.

Even though they will probably be playing in empty stadiums for the rest of the year, the idea is that this would be a two or maybe three-month thing as opposed to a four or five or six-month thing that encapsulates the entire season. Of course, there is the possibility that it turns into that, but idealistically, they want to spend as little time as they can in Arizona.

Don’t we all.


The short version of this all boils down to this: don’t expect to see baseball in person, if at all in 2020 unless something goes magically right. As discussed with analyst Jerry Hairston Jr this week, the longer this goes, the more players are open to the idea of baseball at almost any cost, but still, the likelihood that all players are on board with a plan that completely restricts their access to their families is slim at best.

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