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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Open to Teaming Up with Madison Bumgarner

As much as we have wanted to create the narrative that the battle of the decade’s two left-handed aces of the NL West was a bitter one, there has always been a mutual respect there. According to Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw, he and the club would both be interested in joining forces with their supposed arch-nemesis Madison Bumgarner.

There has always been a mutual respect between the two superior competitors, demonstrated by a late season at-bat from Bumgarner against Clayton, who came on in relief. It was quite the show, but what if those two both repped the same uniform in 2020 and beyond?

I love Bum! Great pitcher. Good dude, great competitor — I know Andrew [Friedman] is working on all sorts of things with what he’s trying to do, whether it be trade, free agent — any of that stuff … but yeah, if I was able to play with Mad Bum that would be great, he’s great.

Of course, Bumgarner is not the same pitcher he was in the Giants’ peak of three World Series wins, but he is still a rather serviceable pitcher these days. However, the reported asking price for him in free agency is somewhere around the five-year, $100 million mark. Now that the Dodgers have lost out on all of the top tier free agent starting pitchers, including Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, they are forced to shift their focus. According to Ken Rosenthal, Bumgarner is one of their primary focuses heading into the winter’s second phase.

While many fans — me included — would not exactly want to see Madison Bumgarner in a Dodger uniform because of his past history, he could be a solid tertiary piece for the off-season. However, it all comes down to the final numbers of the contract he is given.

All in all, it is good to hear that Clayton Kershaw would be on board with Bumgarner in Los Angeles. After all, it appears that it is a likely scenario.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. This has to be a last resort or necessary if a trade happens where one or more of our projected starting pitchers are traded.

  2. What else is Kershaw going to say? I mean honestly. Kershaw is a classy guy. He’s not going to say anything negative, especially if there is even a slight chance that Bumgarner signs with the Dodgers. I, for one, will never root for The wannabe “Sheriff” of baseball. If he’s in a Dodger uniform I won’t root against him, but I won’t root for him either.

    Please don’t sign this guy. Ryu is a far superior pitcher at this point.

  3. it would be great if the dodgers signed mad bum who has geen a big game pitcher and at his best in the post season

      1. Let’s get over this “ooh Bumgarner is the enemy” crap. You guys sound like a bunch of high school sophomores. The point is to win. If Bumgarner helps us win, we should be all glad to
        have him. Kershaw gets that, and he’s in
        A lot better position to know what Bumgarner has in the tank than anyone commenting here.

      2. Q. When was Kershaw last unsuccessful I the playoffs? A. Two months ago. That recent enough for you?

  4. Dodgers already have a pitcher that is over his prime and at best a 3rd rotation pitcher. Dodgers dont need another. I’d rather go with the young guns, Urias, May and Gonsolin.

  5. Bumgarner and Kershaw, a stable of old mares. $300M and deferred money for Gerrit Cole? He didn’t sign with the Yankees because he wanted to be one, he signed because Scott Boras isn’t stupid. Dodgers got cheap and bow we are forced to get raked over for our young players. We’ve made a splash, with Alexander, Barnes and Friedman…? How many 100’s of millions are we spending on the stadium, for The All Star Game?????? We’ve got real estate brokers, not talent evaluators! Where’s Dombrowski when you need a trigger puller…..

  6. Madison “MadBum” Bumgarner (40) Still has more in the tank he is still a gamer especially in the postseason which we needed the most.

    1. While I basically agree with you here, just as big a need is for an impact RH bat to put in the middle of the lineup that can give Bellinger adequate protection, because if not, Beaty or Kike or Taylor might be there in that 5th spot and if I was the opposing pitcher in that case, Bellinger would never see a pitch to hit from me.

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