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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Shocked with Astros Scandal, if True

Already, we have heard Los Angeles Dodgers players like Ross Stripling and Kenley Jansen weigh in on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. Obviously the situation had a direct impact on the 2017 Dodgers due to the World Series outcome.

However we are yet to hear from one of the most prominent Dodgers on the subject – Clayton Kershaw-  as of yet. That is until today, when Dodgers Nation was present at Chavez Ravine to talk to Kershaw about the scandal during an annual holiday event.

Here’s what Kershaw had to say.


Here’s the meat of his response.

“…little shocked, honestly. … During the ’17 World Series, we took all took as many precautions as we can — just because it’s the playoffs and you wanna do your due diligence.

I guess all I can say is, when the team and the players are doing what they can on the field to get the signs that’s obviously part of the game, you know? But when technology comes into to play — if that is really true — it sucks.”

In short, Kershaw was caught off guard to learn about what the Astros were allegedly up to. Moreover, he doesn’t care about the punishment because it wouldn’t bring a title home to Los Angeles.

While not surprising, it must be a hollow feeling to know that the Astros had a little added help. Remember the prominence of game five in that series? Certainly Kershaw does. If the outcome of that game turns out differently rather then the tragic ending, the Dodgers might go on to win the 2017 World Series.

Kershaw was on the mound in Houston that night when the Astros’ hitters seemed to know what was coming before he threw it. And it’s been said that at Minute Maid Park, the Astros had a booby trap set of accessories at their disposal.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said from the Winter Meetings this week a determination won’t be made in 2019, but when it does; be prepared for a lot of the Dodgers to talk about the situation one more time.

Of course, that doesn’t make any of this any easier to swallow, as Kershaw says. Still, these are the first words the Dodgers’ icon has said on this historic subject in baseball history.

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  1. Sign stealing in baseball by runners on second or coaches is an accepted practice in baseball. As soon as you begin using technology such as cameras etc in center-field and then a system to get the information by sound to the batter it crosses a line and becomes a stain on the sport.
    If found guilty and as there are former Astro players saying it happened and was not an isolated incident but an organization wide process then Executives and coaches should be banned from baseball.
    The very arrogant Astos should get an asterisk on the WS Championship and lose several years of top draft choices and International Money. Unacceptable if they did it.
    Baseball MUST come down hard on these guys to maintain any shred of credibility.

  2. Credibility is already gone. I sure don’t trust the integrity of MLB. I go to have a few good hours and get away from life’s stresses. The hot dogs, the crowd. I love that part. In the end it does not matter. It’s a business. If I wanted integrity in sports, I’d probably watch chess.

    1. The Houston Astros are the New England Patriots of baseball. They take everything they can get, or get away with. With or without cheating, their the best in the AL and will be again next year. Getting Cole won’t put Yankees on top.

  3. I’m not shocked like Kershaw that the Astros “may” have cheated. If proven, it’s not like you you take away a championship and give it to the Dodgers. But a good penalty would be loss of draft picks. And a chunk of those picks could go to the Dodgers.

    1. That’s not big enough to stop it from happening again. There needs to be long suspensions for any player that participated if they don’t want to ban players, and banishments for the higher ups that participated like owners, personnel, coaches, manager

  4. Clint, Thank you for ALL your work in your issues! Appreciate it and YOU, too! Historical comment regarding Mad Bum. Giant Sal Maglie pitched for Dodgers in 1956, Orel Hershiser for Giants in 1998. So for Mad Bum to pitch for Dodgers in 2020 no surprise! Note again Kershaw’s comments. Blessed Hanukkah and Christmas time! Ron

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