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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Ready For Opening Day Despite Rocky Spring Training

The truth is that Dodgers fans have never witnessed a Spring Training for Clayton Kershaw as bad as the 2021 one. The Cactus League has not been kind to the southpaw hurler, who wrapped up Spring by allowing 8 earned runs to the A’s. 

Those 8 runs added to a series of particularly bad starts by Kershaw during Cactus League play. As expected, the Dodgers coaching staff and Kershaw himself remain unconcerned with the overall results. Dave Roberts has talked several times about Kersh improving his pitches and looking better despite the results saying otherwise. 

After his latest rough outing, Kershaw was asked if he was ready to go for Opening Day. The veteran pitcher was brief but to the point when he said that he really had no choice. The Dodgers kick off their season on Thursday afternoon in Colorado. 

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Ideally, teams would like to see their guys end Spring Training on a high note. For Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers, it sort of trailed off into a bitter ending. But the hope is that he can learn from what he saw during camp and grow from it throughout the season. 

The last time Clayton Kershaw had a Spring Training this bad, he went on to win the National League MVP. And while we don’t expect that sort of production out of the Dodgers ace, it certainly provides a glimmer of hope. 

He’s still Clayton Kershaw, and he’s still going to get the job done. You can bet on that. 

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    1. It’s good they have the rotation depth because I think both Kershaw and Bauer regress back to their 2019 levels a bit in 2020.

  1. It’s not like Buehler or Bauer looked particularly good either. Let’s hope that it turns around this week.

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