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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Loses Pants on the Field

With the Blue Jays facing the Dodgers this week, Los Angeles is flashing off some of the best young talent in the game. However, the current leader in the NL MVP race may have taken “flash” a little too literally.

Yes, while trying to stretch a double to a triple on Tuesday night, All-Star outfielder/first baseman Cody Bellinger lost his pants while sliding to the bag. Unfortunately, he was out on the play, but if it helps alleviate the embarrassment of the situation, he did record a new career high in RBIs with 100 as he drove in 3 runs on the hit.

Moreover, everyone’s favorite internet gif man Bryan Kephart helped really focus in on the moment in question.

The slide…

…and the help up off the floor.

On the night, the 24 year-old went 2-3 with the bat, and 0-1 with his pants. And most importantly, the Dodgers beat the Jays by a score of 16-3.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. I Love It! That play seals the MVP for Belli! Only if rest of the MLB can “sacrifice” as much! Golden Rule: Never criticize a player for playing hard!

  2. Crazy, baseball bloopers!!!!!! When you are the type of season Belles is, no one really cares if his pants fall a wee bit. In fact, it might even humanize him. If this happened to Puig, the reaction might have been more harsh. But with Belles, it gave the fans a chance to see his more human side. No if’s, and’s, or butt’s!!!! Go Blue!!!

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