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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Reunited in LA With High School Teammate Matthew Stafford

Clayton Kershaw and Matthew Stafford are going to be playing in the same city for the first time in a very long time. Kershaw has obviously his entire carer playing for the Dodgers, but his childhood friend just got traded to the Los Angeles Rams in a deal with the Lions. 

Kershaw and Stafford grew up together playing baseball, soccer, and basketball as kids. Most notably, however, they also played football together where Kershaw was Stafford’s center. Both graduated from Highland Park High School, and both were selected in the first round of their drafts. The Dodgers took Kersh out of high school in 2006 while Stafford was picked up by the Lions in 2009.

Stafford has also been known to use play calling named after his buddy, shouting “Kershaw” at the line of scrimmage on an audible during a game. Now, the two superstars will get to team up in Los Angeles, in what we can only hope will result in more championships for the city. One for the Dodgers and one for the Rams this year?

Also, here is a picture of Kershaw and Stafford on their soccer team as kids. Because every fan in Los Angeles deserves to see this. 

Welcome to LA, Matt! Hope we see you at Dodger Stadium in 2021! …Hope to see us at Dodger Stadium too.

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  1. What the article doesn’t mention is that Kershaw was the center, snapping the ball to Stafford. I see a Kershaw shotgun snap for a Stafford first pitch Game 1 of 2021…

  2. More than HS soccer and basketball.
    Kershaw was center on the football team, hiking the ball to Stafford.

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