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Dodgers: Corey Seager Officially Enshrined in the Hall of Fame For MVP World Series Run

None of the players on the Hall of Fame ballot were voted in this month, but a few Dodgers will be represented regardless. Official game-used gear from the team’s 2020 World Series run finally made its way into Cooperstown and will be on display for all to see.

The Autumn Glory exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum will hold the Dodgers artifacts that represent the win. They will all be on display through the end of the 2021 postseason after a new World Series winner is crowned. 

Clayton Kershaw is represented there with the first ball he threw in Game 1. That ball represents the first neutral-site World Series played in Arlington, Texas. Kershaw will likely join that ball in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot after his Dodgers career is over. 

The exhibit also features a batting helmet worn by Max Muncy, as well as a jacket worn by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Since the World Series was played in a pandemic and with safety precautions in place, the face mask worn by Dino Ebel will also be on display. 

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But one of the coolest parts will be from Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager. The exhibit will feature a bat used by him in his World Series MVP run, a big part of the reason that Los Angeles was able to run away with a title. 

The Hall of Fame also said that they would host special programs in honor of the World Series champion Dodgers this year. That announcement is expected this Spring. 

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    1. indeed, Boras is the main reason Seager staying is in doubt. This is surely why the Dodgers are looking at other SS options. Seager is an MVP caliber SS with solid defense, not perfect but solid, and great hitting. He just goes out there and does his job we never hear any BS from him as fans. Same can be said for Turner.

      One ace the Dodgers do have if they really want to retain Seager is Betts. As a fan I think we all see his true love of playing. Seager won’t find many others in MLB who are like Betts as a teammate. Given the money that has to matter. I don’t see Seager as a guy who would rather cash big checks than cash big but not the biggest checks to play with great teammates, have fun AND have a WS title shot every darn season. Yet Boras can totally cancel that…Boras has done a lot of harm to the game in terms of fans I think anyway.

      One dark horse for Seager might be Seattle–perhaps the Seager boys might like to play a few seasons together? I like the idea of bringing Kyle to Dodgers. Infact if Kyle is healthy finally he could be a solid guy at 3rd. He is only 32 I think? I’m just trying to keep a Seager. Dang it the NL really needs the DH for good. I never was a fan until, well, the Dodgers would turn into beyond scary offensively using the DH as we saw last season. I feel like a traitor-hypocrite saying that but I wanna see them keep Turner dang it! 😀

      Sorry all just thinging out loud and not totally rationally I sense… 😉

  1. They’re going to have to pay him, no doubt. Luckily, Jacob Amaya is only two years away…

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