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Dodgers: The 7 Players Left From the 2017 World Series Roster

The Dodgers 2017 World Series run is often not associated with good memories. Los Angeles lost in 7 games in what should have been their title. It got even worse to remember when it was later revealed that the Houston Astros cheated their way through the series. 

But time has passed, and a 2020 World Series win has helped heal the wounds of 2017. So much so that looking back on that team and remembering how fun they were is now a fond memory. But looking back at the 2017 World Series team feels almost like an old High School yearbook. After Joc Pederson signed a deal with the Cubs this week, very few familiar faces remain. 

In fact, there are currently just 7 guys on the team right now that were on that 2017 World Series roster. Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Austin Barnes, Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, Chris Taylor, and Brandon Morrow. Morrow signed a minor league deal with the team this offseason. If JT re-signs, that would be 8 guys. 

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There were some pretty key members of that squad that have since moved on from the Dodgers. Yu Darvish signed a deal with the Cubs and got traded to the Padres. Rich Hill is still looking for a job in free agency. Kenta Maeda is dealing out in Minnesota, while Ross Stripling finds his footing in Toronto. Andre Ethier retired. Chase Utley retired. Logan Forsythe is practically out of baseball at this point, and Yasiel Puig is still looking for a job. 

This week was especially tough for that 2017 Dodgers team. Joc Pederson signed a deal with the Cubs and Enrique Hernandez went to Boston on a 2-year deal. It was the first time in a while that it felt like the core group was breaking up, the true end of an era. 

You knew it had to happen eventually, nothing in baseball is forever. Event that magnificent Dodgers infield that won 4 NL Pennants had to part ways eventually. Players come and go, but the memories will never be forgotten. 

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  1. The Dodgers have had all of that turnover and remain the odds on favorite to make it back to the World Series. That tells you the Dodger Organization is incredibly efficient at finding, trading, drafting talent, coaching, & developing it.
    The only gap is at 3rd and that is still pending. 2nd base was the teams weakest lat year. Hopefully Lux finds his stroke or the team brings Busch up to mix with McKinstry, and Taylor.
    The pitching is top of the league and the Dodgers are one of the younger teams in the MLB. The catching position is strong. The outfield is very good offensively and defensively. The bullpen may be amazing.

  2. It is time to see what we have with Lux. Let him start and if he falters, Taylor or McKinstry can take over. 3B is our most glaring need. Absolutely love JT but wonder if anything more than a 1 year contract makes sense given his declining defensive skills and inability to hit the high fastball. If JT doesn’t sign, a trade makes the most sense.

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