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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Says He Got Rocked By College Hitters

Clayton Kershaw may be one of the greatest pitchers to play the game of baseball, but he’s human like the rest of us. The Dodgers’ lefty recently talked about getting ready for the season and the difficulties that have come with it. 

Making an appearance on the very popular Big Swing podcast, Kershaw talked with Ross Stripling and Cooper Surles about what he’s been doing to stay in shape. Kershaw has been throwing to hitters at Dallas Baptist University, and apparently it has not been going all that well. The Dodgers’ legend mostly (maybe?) joked about his throwing experiences so far.

There’s some guys that played there that play in the minor leagues that they hit against us every week. Dude, I threw two innings last week and I was exhausted. It was so hard…I’m getting shelled Strip. I’m getting absolutely shelled. These guys are hitting missiles off of me right and left. It’s very humbling. 

The truth is, Kershaw is probably more joking about this than anything. He also did not clarify, but these college kids probably were not using wood bats. The Dodgers’ southpaw does have a leg up on most other pitchers though, as many have not had the luxury of throwing to live hitters during this quarantine period. 

Kershaw was having a really good looking Spring Training with the Dodgers before things got shut down. With an offseason that featured Driveline workouts, Kershaw tossed 4.2 scoreless innings and struck out eight. He also allowed just two hits in the process of his two scoreless outings. 

As it stands, Kershaw is slated to be the number two guy right behind Walker Buehler for the 2020 season. David Price will likely slot in somewhere behind him, though Dave Roberts could change up that order to balance out the other four left-handed pitchers in the rotation.

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  1. Why would minor league baseball players be using a metal bats (notice he said they are minor leaguers from DBU). They wouldn’t. And Kersh was probably joking. I’ve known him for 15 years. He’s a great dude and super humble.

  2. To all dodgers. only the best . its been so mixxed up this season. What else can you pros do. so many restrictions. so little time. Thank you all for hanging in there. you and your families. Thank you joc for your nice captions. your baby looks just like you. god bless you all and have a good opening. we LOVE YOU ALL . MISS ALL YOU KIDS. A old good dodger fan. joanie.

  3. Im a student of the game especially pitching…. that over the top delivery is not affective in major league basebal if u dont throw over 95 mph! At 93 its Breakfast served! The ball does not move! He needs to change to 3 quarter armslot! Every pitch will move! His slider sucks becuz of that over the top crap! He has 2 seemer! Curve n fastball! Thatss all! He needs to be a luis tiant n re invent himself! Like john smolts dod after tommy john! He changed his delivery n was lights out! Over the top was good with his 98 mph fastball … not anymore or ever unless he does what im saying! Ill teach him! I wouldve won 5 world series in a row if i was manager! Not kidding! I new we lost everytime roberts made his dumb idiot low baseball iq decisions! Worst dodger manager all time! Cant believe the embesil’s that own the dodgers! I rather have frank ast the owner!

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