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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Spends Time Throwing With Former Teammate

One of the difficulties of players not near their home stadiums has been with getting in proper reps. The Dodgers are no stranger to that, with several of their big league roster members scattered throughout the country. 

Clayton Kershaw is one of those guys who is spending his time back home in Texas. He spoke with the Petros and Money show to talk about how he’s been getting work in, including throwing with former teammate Brett Anderson. Anderson was with the Dodgers as recently as 2016.

There’s plenty of places to go throw with enough yardage to do it. Thankfully, there’s one other guy here in town, former Dodger Brett Anderson. Brett lives here and he’s kind of become part of my quarantine circle. So we throw together and that works out. You don’t have to get close playing catch so that’s awesome. 

Anderson spent some time with the Dodgers in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. After making 31 starts in the 2015 campaign, Anderson was hit hard by injuries. He accepted the Dodgers qualifying offer of $15.8 million following his successful 2015 season, but back surgery for a bulging disc completely ruined his next year. Anderson signed a one-year deal with the Brewers this past December. 

While Kershaw is not able to be back in Los Angeles getting ready with his Dodgers teammates, Chris Taylor did reveal that players are working out. In an Instagram live session with Ross Stripling on Friday, Taylor noted that players have even started taking live batting practice at the stadium. 

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  1. The article on jocs homeruns. Was true always he was left out. on all his season. then the world series. almost traded and moved him to Anaheim.I have always loved the dodgers but whats wrong with your managers benching him always. and having too many trades. The astros didn’t even get punished . Then you almost traded the one who got you there. always consistent. no cheating. all the year for cheating and wins world series. bring back our Ball players with no need to cheat to win. its been a crazy year . but it wasn’t the dodgers fault. now your talking less money. they are professional men. with families and integrity. so sad. god help us all. a fan always Dodger blue joanie.

  2. Joan. Finish toughts and sentences please. Very difficult to follow you. I think you had some good points. As fans, we love our home teams, and want to see them win. But, baseball has been, and always will be, a business. They called the Original Yankee Stadium, “The House that Ruth Built”, as he brought so many fans to the stadium to see him play. Ruth thought when his playing days were over, he would manage the Yankees. History tells us something different. Ruth was traded to the Boston Braves. Players get traded. We are not in on the meetings to know all of the issues. There’s the player’s side, the team’s side, and then there’s the truth, somewhere in the middle.

  3. I hear you Don.
    It’s just really hard to understand anyone “holding out” during these times. Especially rich players.
    $500,000 for part-time work is rich.
    I’m still the only money earner at home as my wife lost her job.
    I love my Dodgers, but the players lost me on this one.

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