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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Squashes the Rumors About his Hat

The MLB postseason is a funny time. People that normally don’t watch the game find themselves catching glimpses and moments throughout October. And usually, those people have what us “normal baseball folk” might consider weird questions. In the case of many, an oddball yet reasonable question tends to pop up every year with the Dodgers in the playoffs…

What’s up with that guy’s dirty hat?

Our beloved Clayton Kershaw World Series champion Clayton Kershaw is a creature of habit and simplicity. He sticks to his routine year in, year out. He’s used the same Wilson A2K ball glove for nearly all of his career. And he likes to use the same dirty, dingy, nasty ballcap game in and game out.

It’s not that he just can’t afford a new hat… that’s just his thing. On Thursday, he cleared the air on his famous cap and squashed those rumors of his frugality with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. 

I wear one hat a year. I don’t why. People think they won’t give me another one. They will, I just choose one hat a year and I’m gonna stick with that answer.

Of course, usually the rumor about his hat tends to lean more toward “just what exactly is on that hat?” over his ability to afford a new one. But, as he said, he’s sticking to his answer and so are we. No shenanigans, just a future Hall of Famer that’s a bit of a weird guy.


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  1. Typical Dodger. It’s bad when others cheat and get caught, but that’s the lamest answer ever when faced with obvious evidence of cheating. Y’all enjoy your asterisk WS.

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