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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks Matthew Stafford Getting Out of Detroit

You may not know this extremely rare fun fact, but Clayton Kershaw and Rams QB Matthew Stafford actually went to high school together.

I know, crazy!

Kershaw was asked about that fact in an interview with Padres reporter Marty Caswell, and how he felt about Stafford getting out of Detroit for the bright lights of LA.

“I’m happy for him,” Kershaw said. “He’s been in Detroit for a long time and he’s put up great years, year after year. And the Lions for whatever reason just didn’t do it. So I think it was great. I think he handled it really well, getting traded out of there. I think the Lions fans appreciated the way he handled it. And I think the Rams fans obviously appreciate winning a Super Bowl. So I’m happy for him, happy for him that he got to do it. And they look pretty good this year so we’ll see what happens.” 

Stafford and Kershaw have both won a ring for their LA teams, and they’ll definitely be rooting each other on for the remainder of their respective season.

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  1. Only a rare fact on Dodgers Nation, I guess. Pretty much everyone else in Los Angeles heard this story, when Stanford first came to the Dodgers in March of 2021.

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