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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Unphased By a Championship Won in a Short Season

Dodgers fans already know it’s coming. Without even a ball being thrown yet, we know that if Los Angeles takes home a championship in 2020, fans of other teams will put the asterisk on everything. It’s bound to happen, regardless of what team takes home the World Series trophy when this year comes to a close. 

The idea that a shorter season takes away from the legitimacy of a World Series victory has floated all around baseball the last couple of weeks. The funny thing is that knowing the MLB season will be shorter in 2020 almost makes it a more difficult championship to attain. For Clayton Kershaw, he doesn’t care about how long the season is. 

Regardless if it’s a 100 game season with no fans, there’s still going to be a World Series…if they put an asterisk by this year, It’s still a World Series. 

Kershaw is certainly on to something there, as the Dodgers certainly were going for it all in 2020. They brought in several players who will eventually be key to bringing a championship back to Los Angeles. Kershaw knows that all of the moves they made for the last year were with one goal in mind. 

We brought in Mookie Betts, we brought in David Price, we brought in Blake Treinen, we brought it a lot of these guys to be a very very very good team…It was for this year. We don’t know long we have Mookie for, maybe he stays around. 

It would certainly be a disappointment to see fans put an asterisk on a team with so much talent. But if the Dodgers take home a World Series title in 2020, I don’t think any fans in Los Angeles will complain. It’s been almost 32 years since the Dodgers won a title, and fans are more than ready to break that streak. 

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  1. It’s not so much the length rather than the format and then subsequently the playoffs. The possibility of 2 NL teams facing off in the World Series is a joke, the no attendance or very small attendance depending on where we’re at later this year is also something that would take legitimacy away. If the WS just so happens to have an NL vs AL matchup that would go a long way but only if there is some kind of crowd.

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