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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Called Out After Hitting a Homerun on A Very Odd Play

It wouldn’t be the Dodgers if something absolutely crazy didn’t happen on the first day of the season. This year, it was something that happened to work against them. 

The play in question happened during the top of the 3rd inning with the Dodgers batting. With Justin Turner at first base, Cody Bellinger hit a deep drive into left field. The Rockies’ Raimel Tapia jumped up to make the catch but hit the wall jarring the ball lose over the wall. 

Turner read the catch and bolted back to first base, passing by Bellinger in the process. By rule, Cody Bellinger was called out at first and awarded a single on the play. The Dodgers were also awarded a run since JT was apparently allowed to come around and score on the play. 

Funny enough, Turner never actually came home to touch home plate. So the Dodgers hit a 2-run homerun but left the inning with just 1 run on the board. Don’t say that nothing odd ever happens in a ballgame. 

A lot of strange things happen at the ballpark on a daily basis, but this has to be one for the record books. The Dodgers did not score the rest of the inning after the bases were cleared by the umpiring crew. It also took them a while to get it figured out since there was confusion all around the diamond.

The umpiring crew explained the outcome to the Dodgers and Rockies managers, and the game moved on. Let’s never do that one again please and thank you. 

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  1. How does a seasoned veteran such as Turner commit such a novice questionable play, Really?? How does the reigning World Series champion Not get to open the nexr season at Home?

  2. First of all, the season schedule is made before the current season is concluded. As for the, so called, mistake by Turner. He isn’t watching on TV with closeups and replay. You negative Nellies need to get a grip.

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