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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Jokes About His Alarming Strikeout Rate

The Dodgers are very much looking for Cody Bellinger to unlock something. After a terrible 2021 regular season, he came to life during the playoffs and reminded everyone what he can do. That resulted in 12 hits across three different series before Los Angeles fell in the championship series. 

But those struggles from 2021 are very much carrying over to this Spring. Cody has struck out 14 times in just 19 at-bats so far during camp, with 4 of those coming on Saturday night against the Royals. He looks to be very uncomfortable, and it’s showing in his results. Bellinger has just 3 singles in 19 at-bats so far. 

After the game on Saturday night, Bellinger spoke about the results and how he has done so far this Spring. The Dodgers outfielder also joked about getting his strikeouts out of the way early, a joke that didn’t really land with fans on Twitter. 

“I’m not focused on the results at all. I’m just getting my ‘punchies’ out of the way in March, so they don’t happen in the season. It’s pretty smart if you think about it that way.”

Bellinger struck out in nearly 27 percent of his plate appearances during the 2021 season, one of the worst marks in the league. On top of that, his chase rate was up and his whiff percentage was also one of the worst in baseball. All of that led to the Dodgers outfielder posting a negative WAR during the 2021 campaign. 

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But when he’s on, Cody Bellinger is very much on. And the Dodgers are going to need him to be better this season. They don’t need 2019 NL MVP winning Belli, but they do very much need some sort of production from him as soon as possible.

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  1. How many years and strikeouts does it take for the brains of this team to just try and trade him or use him only as a late fielding entry or pinch runner, the man is a total waste at the plate

  2. Still unknown if Bellinger will be better. Concerned about how many strikeouts so far in Spring Training. Big question is will he get find his batting stance rather than changing every few days? Is he 3 year wonder only?

  3. I got an idea that coaching is having him experiment. It seems he is holding the bat different every couple at bats. And no one knows what is going on the back lots. Still think he is going to break out big. The way he remarked about spring strikeouts? He may know something he is not letting out just yet
    IF he does struggle; we have a solid backup plan this year.

  4. It doesn’t matter how many different ways he stands in the box. It’s evident that any changes are not working, and they won’t work if he keeps needing to drop his head 1-1.5 feet from the start to the middle of his swing, the strikeouts will continue to pile up, faster than ever. Why can’t he bend his knees to off set the head drop?

  5. Belly can joke all he wants until the team trades him to Pittsburgh, Kansas City, for someone who can pitch. Maybe then he will takes it more seriously. He is suppose to be healthy now. But 14 K’s in 18 AB??? He should have been feasting on minor league pitchers trying to make their team. Maybe him and Heaney ought to have batting practice together until one of them figures it out.

  6. The real joke is a 75% strikeout rate. Just how long can Dodgers wait? #35 stays in Arizona until he works things out. There are other options for opening day.

  7. Just a thought .. Among many former stars, Mickey Mantle, for one, was sent down to the minors. Just a thought.

  8. JFC nobody here seems to understand what Spring Training is actually for…not for piling up stats. Bellinger brings DEF stability above everything else. His OFF is very much a work-in-progress though. ST is when he should be getting all the kinks out. All I care about is how he hits when the games count. Even then, I would still use him regularly in CF as long as everyone else was hitting.

    He can obviously fail at some point into the regular season, and if so, Roberts will have to make a decision if that failure is actually affecting W-L’s. I can live with .200 and less than “Austin Barnes-power” if Belli is giving us Gold-Glove CF though. I still trust in his potential with his previous success being the high-side.

  9. I can’t think of a worse swing I have ever seeen in baseball since I was in the Little Leagues. Belli’s swing is BOTH long and loopy—guaranteed to miss both fastballs AND breaking balls. He needs to completely reinvent his swing and should have done this during the winter!!! I am still pulling for him to recognize this and make the change to a shorter, more horizontal stroke.

    1. No worries guys, Dr Doc will have him hitting clean up again. Who cares about his 170 avg, 334 slugging percentage, 7,000 men left on base and 90,000 strikeouts!!! He’s a Important part of this team!!! Dr Doc says so!!!!

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